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What Is A Vegan Diet & Does It Work For Weight Loss?

In conventional vegetarian diets, you simply do not eat meat, but vegan diets go further. In vegan diets, no animal derivatives such as milk or honey eggs are consumed either and this does not stop here because besides the foods, they do not consume anything that comes from an animal such as wool, silk, cosmetics, soaps, etc.

Should we use a vegan diet to lose weight?

The most common concerns when choosing a vegan diet also include ethical reasons to care for the environment and improve health. Usually a vegan does not agree with how the meat industry works or how animals are farmed on farms to produce milk, eggs etc. and they try to make the food industry friendlier to animals. There are also people who use vegan diet to lose weight since it does not contain animal derivatives and it is mainly composed of fruits and vegetables, so weight loss is quite easy with a vegan diet. 

What foods are included in vegan diet to lose weight?

As in any other type of diet, it should also be as varied as possible, including fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes.

Does vegan diet contain enough protein to lose weight and stay healthy?

This is one of the most conflictive issues in this diet since most of the proteins of high biological value come from animal products and unlike lacto-vegetarian diet, this diet absolutely does not include animal protein. That is why it is necessary to consume frequently vegetables containing proteins. Among them are soybeans, legumes and almonds rice.

The problem with this type of protein is that they are more difficult to digest than animal proteins, which have more quantity and diversity of amino acids. But this can easily be compensated by combining different types of vegetable proteins in the same food.

Does the vegan diet contain fat to lose weight?

Fortunately, vegan diet is low in cholesterol and saturated fats, so it is a good option to prevent cardiovascular diseases, though, vegetable oils such as olive oil margarine are consumed moderately.

Is there enough calcium and vitamins in the vegan diet to lose weight?

• Calcium is needed to keep bones strong and healthy, but since all dairy products are eliminated, and if you are not careful, you may not get enough calcium in this diet.
• It is important to include foods rich in calcium on a regular basis such as soy, tofu, sesame seeds, legumes or brown rice.
• The body also needs vitamin D. Without sufficient vitamin D, we cannot produce enough of the hormone calcitriol, also known as active vitamin D, which causes insufficient calcium to be absorbed from food. Vitamin D is obtained in 3 ways, through the skin sunbathing, with supplements or through food. So for vegans, it is best to expose themselves to the sun daily and consume vitamin D-enriched plant foods, so that 10 micrograms per day will be achieved without any problem.