6 of the Most Popular White Label CBD Products

White Label CBD Products

More people are turning to holistic treatments today for chronic and terminal illnesses. One of the most popular products is CBD or cannabidiol, which is found naturally in hemp plants. Today, it is used to treat numerous conditions and comes in a wide array of forms. As a business owner or manager, you may be looking to expand your offerings with the best white label CBD products available. Here are some of the top choices to add to your inventory.

1. Balms, Salves and Creams

People often apply balms or creams directly to the area where needed for pain relief. People often choose balms and salves as part of the list of ingredients for home remedies. They may mix them with essential oils or beeswax, among other products. Some of the products are time-released, which means they last for several hours.

2. Tinctures

One of the most popular options is a tincture. Consumers like the idea that they can add few drops to other ingredients, such as essential oils. It’s also ideal because the user can mix it with tea or food because CBD doesn’t taste very good. It can also be used sublingually and have tasty flavors added, like peppermint or strawberry.

3. Gummies

Because of the bad taste of CBD, consumers often love gummies. Flavors range from grape to cherry to sour apple and many others. You can adjust the flavor and the amount of CBD up to a maximum amount to fit the various needs of customers.

4. Concentrates

Concentrates are one of the most versatile CBD products for a business with turnkey operations to have. In fact, it’s an ideal choice for a new business that wants to learn more about the industry and options available. Concentrates come in isolate and terpenes (which are CBD oils). Because they are potent, the concentrates are often mixed with other oils and ingredients for use as edibles, creams or tinctures.

5. Gel Caps

A business that provides CBD for health reasons will want to consider gel caps. Consumers can easily ingest CBD gel caps for regular use. They come in a wide range of formulas designed to target specific health conditions. You will find one product for headaches and another one for back pain or other muscle pain. This allows you to expand your brand to target a bigger audience.

6. Wax

You might want to consider including CBD wax in your inventory. The main benefit for consumers of the wax is that it usually provides instant relief because the user inhales it. The wax is heated and as it vaporizes, the person can begin to feel improvement almost immediately. The user can adjust the dosage for their needs.

Consider adding one or more of these products to your inventory if you want to expand your line or you’re just starting your brand. You’ll quickly see how much the right mix of white label CBD products can enhance your business.

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