What is Flatulence?


Flatulence Definition

Flatulence is also recognized as passing wind or farting which is taking out smelly gas from your digestive system out of anus.

When it is to define flatulence, you are exposed that a medical word is “flatus” used for “gas” that is generated in your intestinal tract. As far as the medical literature is concerned, flatus is flatulence which passed through one’s anus.

Flatulence is usually a cause of embarrassment or laughter. Flatulence again and aging may reason enormous distress and uneasiness. Mostly it is a problem for others who are near the person who is farting. Passing wind is terrible when you are in a gathering or a group of a people or in a meeting.

As far as the studies by the National Health Service in the United Kingdom are concerned, flatulence is a common problem or a common biological process of human body such as sweating, breathing, burping and sudden slight cough or sneeze. Most of the people pass this gas about fifteen times within 24 hours.

There is disrespect if someone farts because in gathering if it is passed willingly or unwillingly, it is considered very unpleasant. Secondly, someone will not have appreciation to a person who passes although it is not his/her deliberate act. Sometimes it is a comedy that someone will laugh at that one, but it is not a joke. For a few moments, flatulence can make air of room or hall stinky and smelly.

Causes of Flatulence

  • Constant constipation
  • Gastric problem
  • Eating fatty foods
  • Consuming wheat every day
  • Exogenous sources

How to Get Rid of Flatulence

Since many moons ago, there were lots of ways in the world used and proven good for the cause that these all sources are not new. As far as human digestive system is concerned, one should not have some foods on the table that are not good for digestive system.

Corn, wheat and processed foods should not be consumed every day because they all are a reason of making gas in stomach. Doctors recommend that human beings must change dietary schedule after a few days. Going for some juices which are not sour is very good to heal your stomach.

Take medicine which contains simethicone for the reason that it is very helpful for breaking down the gas bubbles. If you want to take, you may purchase supplements like chewable tablets, pills and syrups. Take a look at other medications known gas-fighting that are available at the local pharmacy.

Preventive Measures

  • Preventing some foods will be good for you that you will not eat some fruits for example raw apples, melon, banana, apricots, pears and peaches.
  • Ice or cream cakes made form wheat can also be a reason for the production of gas.
  • Wheat should also be taken away from your diet for a few days if you are suffering from this problem.
  • Alcohol is supposed to be quit for good to have healthy stomach as it causes many medical problems.
  • Do some physical activities such as sports, outdoor games, trampoline jumping, lifting light weights, jogging and walking that may keep you away from flatulence.