What is Atkins Diet?

Atkins Diet

Atkins diet is a food which is very high in proteins, fat and very low in carbs. The Atkins diet is suggested for losing weight since this diet is very useful for burning fat. When you go to start eating this diet your body goes starting melting carbs for your energy for burning ketones that come from your fat for energy. Going to have this diet is planned for maintaining good health.

Why is It Atkins Diet?

It was the effort of Dr. Atkins who graduated in 1951, from the University of Michigan. He received the medical grade, in 1955 from the Weill Cornell Medical College. He was a well-known cardiologist. This diet was introduced by him to give healthy benefits to human beings.


There are 4 phases of Atkins diet which are to be known to get good health and taking a look at below will expose you all these phases.

Phase 1

The first phase is called introduction that is about the consumption of calorie from the carbohydrates limed to twenty grams every day. It is certain that vegetables and salad are really very rich in carbs, which are small amount of starch.

Phase 2

The second phase is known ongoing weight loss (OWL), Nutrient-dense, fiber rich diets are to be added like additional sources of carbohydrates. On bigger rate of twenty-five grams should be at the time of the first week in phase 2, thirty grams in the week number 2, whereas thirty grams every following week till the weight starts stopping go down. At this stage if weight loss is stopped, you need to have with a reduction of five grams of carbohydrate from daily consumption until you start losing weight gradually.

Phase 3

When you go knowing about the phase three, you will come to have this precious info that this phase is called as pre-maintenance, at this stage, you need to increase carbs foods by ten grams every week until the weight loss is really very gradual, thus, this phase also very importantly works well for your health.

Phase 4

In Atkins diet plan phase four is considered the lifetime maintenance. Now add a great amount of carbs sources, and monitor your weight carefully that does not start going up. Your intelligence of happiness must be continued. If you see your weight starts increasing, you need to go back to two important things; taking carbs amount all the years round, and new carbs that have just been introduced are is good. In the light of the statement of Dr. Atkins, the lifestyle you go for is basic of good health for your whole life.


There are principles of Atkins diet, which are specially maintained for the benefits of human being for having a good healthy life to consume low carb foods. The first principle is to go for losing weight without inconvenience; the second phase is to maintain weight loss for good; the third is for achieving good health always and the final is to keep off undying basic of disease. Keeping these all four principles in your mind can be very effective to get to your goal.