Weight Loss Lies You Must Avoid

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Many people including you will prefer to lose weight rather than gaining it. But, most of the times when we wish to reduce weight, we often rely more on information from the web, what is gotten from the social media, and those around us. Many websites or blogs have published different weight losing strategies and hence, it become more difficult to separate the bad from the good. In fact, you might read contradictory ‘facts’ from two different sources and also hear about diets that seem both plausible and ridiculous.
In this article, we highlighted the different weight loss lies and the reality that lies beneath them. Enjoy the read

1-         The Healthier You Are, The Less You Weigh
You might have weighed yourself on a weighing scale and be happy about the value you saw there. Well, the fact is that the number on the scale doesn’t define you nor does it always reflect how healthy you are. In fact, if you are eating healthy food and exercising regularly, the scale might read a bit higher because of increase in muscle mass. You should know that muscle is denser than fat and takes up less room in the body. This implies that you can gain muscle and lose fat but still look leaner while maintaining the same weight.

2-         You Should Only Eat 1,200 Calories Per Day
Even though you should watch out for the amount of calories you take in per day, it doesn’t spell out that you should restrict yourself only to 1,200 calories in a day, which is usually thought to be the magic number. The fact is, metabolic rate, which is the rate at which the body burn calories, is different depending on the body composition. People who have more muscle tends to have a higher metabolic rate that those with high body fat, reported by SFGate. Hence, the amount of calories we burn per day differs since we also vary in body composition. There is no constant value for everyone. You might want to test products for cellucor for increased energy and focus.

3-         You Should Weed Out Some Food
Many sources have pointed out that food like carbohydrates should be excluded from an individual willing to reduce weight. The truth is that one of the major nutrients required by our bodies to function is carbohydrate. Mayo Clinic pointed out that carbs are needed to provide the body with energy, prevent you from cardiovascular diseases and in fact, help to control weight. And also, carbs are cosmopolitan; found in almost all food like fruits, vegetables etc. Don’t try to weed out major food groups in entirety whenever you wish to reduce your weight.

4-         A Certain Diet Trend Will Help You Reduce in Weight
There are a ton of diet trends, including veganism and gluten-free lifestyles. The fact is, restricting yourself to gluten-free food or eliminating vegan foods give no guarantee that you will automatically lose 5 pounds. Yes, there may be some health benefits these diets provide. But unless you understand how to utilize them properly to nourish your body, you might end up gaining weight rather than losing it. What you have to do is that make sure you know where you will get your carbs, fats and proteins before adopting any new eating plan.

5-         Weight-Loss Supplements Will Make You Leaner
Taking supplements like Detox Tea or fat-burner is not actually the way to reduce body weight. Researches have shown that the effectiveness of weight-loss supplements is not well known and fully relying on them might seems unrealistic. Instead of depending much on them, you should follow a wholesome diet and exercise regularly. Scam usually promise a quick and easy solution, you know.

6-         You Should Eat Anything Tagged “Diet”, “All Natural”, and “Fat-Free”
All of us want our products to be loved. So, with the marketing industry. They have a clever way of advertising products to persuade consumers to get them. Even if the food is not healthy, most food companies have a way of packing it that it will look as healthy as ever. A study conducted on soda showed that drinking diet soda may even contribute to excessive belly fat. It is better to read the label than to just trust the company’s words.

7-         Practice More of Cardio
Many people believed that cardio is the best way to reduce weight, which is not. While increasing cardiovascular activity is of paramount important, incorporating strength exercise is also important. The strength exercise will help to build your muscle. Strength exercises will help build the tendons in your body, helps you to do daily activities, and in fact, build lean muscle, says Active.com. Hence, ensure to practice strength exercise and cardio in your routine to build muscle and reduce fats.

8-         You Should Only Eat Three Meals Per Day
Different sources have pointed out different number of meals to have in a day, ranging from allowing yourself three meals to eating six small ones. However, experts from WebMD stipulated that it is not the number of meals that matter, rather the amount of calories that you are consuming daily. You can eat how many times you wish but do not overdo the bling so that you don’t end up noshing throughout the day. Also, restricting yourself to only three meals might backfire especially if you are starving by the time you make it to your next meal.

9-         You Should Skip Meals to Reduce Weight
Skipping meals will do no good to you. In fact, it will do more harm. Firstly, your blood sugar can drop when you skip meal as pointed out by Women’s Health. If you continue, your body will start breaking down muscle instead of fat and you become leaner. It is better to stick to regular meals filled with nutrients that will keep you alive.

The Web is full of information here and there. Depending on it without appropriate reference point might leave you in the opposite side of what you want. You should visit your medical Doctor for more advice on how to reduce weight. I am sure he/she will have some recommendations for you.