Watermelon Diet

Watermelon slices

The fruit which is easy to eat is watermelon and it is very low in calories. Why is it called watermelon? Actually it is filled with water that is really very helpful to increase the metabolic rate of human beings. Watermelon diet is here make you lose your weight and set you free of obesity. Moreover eating this sweet and juicy fruit is also very efficient for cleansing the system of your body.

Watermelon Diet

When you try eat watermelon, lots of people consider it to give soothe to heart and lever. Here this diet is to burn fat.


Eat a slice of cheese, oatmeal and watermelon. You will have to get up early in the morning and include walking in your daily routine because this workout has a great effect on health.

Snack Time

Eating watermelon in a small amount is good to quench your thirst and you feel full. Basically the snack time is an option for you and you can have it if you are feeling hungry.


Eat about 140 grams of fish, chicken or beef with a plate of delicious salad. This meal in the afternoon is super to refresh your body and control the scarcity of protein. Actually in daytime, human body requires some proteins to be able to work for the whole day. Make sure fleshes you have must be lean and fresh as well.


One to three pounds watermelon at dinner is to be consumed. After two hours, you will have to sleep. Just after having meal you are not supposed to sleep.

Blessings of Watermelon

Water melon is extremely good for making your lever healthy; if your lever is fully active, your skin color is improved and other body organs work well.

Low in Calories

It is considered to be a great food for supporting goals of losing weight for the reason that it is really low in calories. It is very important to know that a cup of this food has less than fifty calories. If you want to add other foods which contain much sugar, it will not be replacement of this food.

For all Ages

Either you are a child, young person or 60 years old, eating this food is good since it does not have negative effects on your health. After consuming it if you are having walk for a few minutes, it will be plus point for you.

Is It Water?

As you have known that watermelon is filled with water, in summer season it is very efficient to fill you with water and eating more than 4 to 5 pound is not healthy.

Delicious Bites

Many of us are aware of it that it has a great taste. For having new taste of this fruit, sprinkling black salt in a small amount can be really palatable.


Drinking water after eating watermelon is prohibited since lots of researches reported that you may experience cholera.