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Losing the dreadful cellulite has become a tough quest for most of the women. Let’s be honest there and accept that it is a women’s worst nightmare and enemy as you can’t wear that sexy bikini or enjoy perfect tan on a beautiful beach due to presence of cellulite. And then comes your sex life; you always feel embarrassed with low level of confidence which can eventually lead you to depression. But with all these scary things, the good thing is that you can get rid of your problem. ‘Truth About Cellulite’ is a treatment program that can help you get rid of this excruciating problem. It is not an overnight magic-pill solution, but Truth About Cellulite aka Naked Beauty will reduce it and eventually help you get rid of it.

TAC, The Symulast Method, is a cellulite removal program that targets the root causes. It is a 22-minute method that can give you results in 3-5 weeks. It basically helps you with following;

  1. Tighten and lift the skin of your buttocks and thighs and surrounding area
  2. Tone your thighs and buttocks
  3. Change your thighs and buttocks bumpy skin into smooth
  4. Help you get results within minimum time so you don’t have to disturb your schedule
  5. Help you keep cellulite away on permanent basis with Anti-Cellulite Prevention & Maintenance schedule


What do you Get with Naked Beauty Cellulite Removal Program?

  1. Naked Beauty Symulast Method – Videos
  2. Naked Beauty Symulast Method – PDF Printable Version
  3. Personal Naked Beauty Symulast Schedule
  4. Naked beauty Cardio Cheat Sheet
  5. Cellulite Files – eNewsletter
  6. Naked Beauty Maintenance & Cellulite Prevention Schedule


Joey Atlas Review

Joey atlas is a Women’s’ Body Enhancement Specialist who helps middle-aged women in fixing and fine-tuning their bodies. He has got Bachelors Degree in Exercise Physiology from SUNY Buffalo, NY and Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from LIU – Dobbs Ferry, NY. Joey loves to deal with body-toning challenges and this led him to create a simple cellulite removal exercise routine that could be done in 25 minutes at home.


  • No hard copy available, so you have to print it yourself if you need.
  • It needs determination and persistence since it isn’t an overnight solution.
  • Results may vary depending on your body type.


Pros of Truth About Cellulite

      • The user can get rid of cellulite within 4 to 5 weeks
      • It is cost-effective as compared to expensive creams and surgeries.
      • Being a natural treatment, it has no side effects.
      • It helps in getting rid of cellulite on permanent basis
      • The users get personal assistance and support from Joey Atlas.
      • All exercises can be performed at home within 22 – 25 minutes.


Is It a Truth About Cellulite Scam?

With so many positive feedbacks and being the number 1 product among cellulite removal programs, it’s hard to think to that Joey atlas Naked Beauty is a scam product. As we have stated earlier, it won’t give you results within 2 to 3 days. It needs time (22 mins daily at least for 3 to 5 weeks), determination and consistency to see the results within claimed said period depending on your body. However, with no side effects and 60-day money back guarantee, Truth About Cellulite is an ultimate choice for women looking to get rid of the devastating issue in a safe and permanent way.

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