Things you should learn about IVF


Almost all women want to be a mother at some point of their life. However, for some of them it becomes impossible to become naturally pregnant. This have caused so many heartbreaks and devastated relationships as well. But now as science is progressing, along with other methods IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) has become a boon for those women who wants to get pregnant and give birth to their own child. Today IVF is applied on many women and it is almost successful for all of them. But it has its side-effects as well. It is necessary for you to get an idea about its side-effects so that you know what you are entering into. As we know prevention is better than cure. Here are some of the side-effects that can occur while getting pregnant by this process.

  • Although it is very rare, but IVF is known to cause ectopic pregnancy which can be fatal to both the mother and the baby. During any symptoms of ectopic pregnancy always visit your nearest infertility centre in Mumbai.
  • It is very expensive and the process will take up a lot of your money. So always do your background check with your doctor and other medical personnel before starting this process. A child is always worth it, but you have to be practical as well about your budget and what you can afford during this whole phase.
  • Some patients experience nausea and vomiting. Talk to your doctor if you feel any of these. Some even goes through periods of intense headache, hot flushes and fatigue. It can make you very much inactive. So before taking any medicine or any other precaution do contact your doctor.
  • You can experience stomach problems like gas problems, bloating and constipation. Take care of your health during this time by taking a proper diet and rest.
  • However, symptoms like heavy bleeding like menstrual bleeding, blood coming out with the urine or high fever can be very dangerous for your health. Visit or consult your doctor immediately if you notice any of these. If these are not treated at the right time, then it can become fatal for you.
  • Weight gain can be a result of IVF. Consult your ivfmumbai best doctor for this kind of situation without panicking about your health. You should avoid stressing about anything too much as it can lead to damage to your health.
  • Cramps will increase but they will be very strong and deep. You should consult your doctor if you feel very uncomfortable as too much cramping is not normal in any case.
  • Your skin will change drastically. For some women pimples and acne breakouts becomes a part of their lifestyle. At times patients have even reported increase in facial hair because of the hormonal injections. Try to be patient with your skin problems and once again consult with your doctor before going for chemicals based cosmetics which can be harmful for your skin.

Although IVF has its own problems, yet it can bring you the happiness which will fill your house once again with the gone happiness. So keep these points in mind and consult with good doctors before taking the necessary step.