The Role of Sunshine and Fresh Air in the Treatment of Acne

Fresh air is something out of the blue in this present era of chemicals and air pollutions. However, the nature is never ignorant of its men. Therefore, it has a few specific times in which one can get fresh air.

If we take a look on the life of the centuries’ old man, who lived in caves, ate very fresh food and worked in the daylight, we will come to know that life would have been much simpler and easier if we had continued living that way. The primitive man woke up with the first sunshine, breath in the very fresh air and worked in the daylight. Just as the sun set in the West and darkness covered the skies and the Earth, the primitive man returned to his cave to take sleep.

These are some of the reasons which not only made his lifestyle easier, but his years healthier and his age longer. Today, we hardly get some fresh air. Our busy lives do not allow us to keep some plants in our houses. We drive packed cars, breath in the artificial air of air conditioners, work in the close offices and sleep during the day hours. Our lifestyles fail to bring any fresh air or sunshine for us.

Nutritionists claim that sunshine is important for everyday living. Sun bathing on a weekend does not fulfill the requirement of a human’s body. No matter how much a person takes in vitamins, minerals and especially calcium, he fails to store all the nutrients in his body due to the deficiency of vitamin D. Sunshine is the healthiest source of sunshine. It contains a clear and translucent sunshine free of any other chemical or radicals.

Why Is Sunshine Important For Humans?

Sunshine contains vitamin D which is a necessary vitamin for the human body. Researches show that vitamin D is an active entity of the human body which operates throughout the human body. Vitamin D maintains the shape of the bones and acts as a ‘lock’ for the minerals, vitamins, calciums’s and all other essentials inside the bones. It prevents them from flowing out of the bones. People with vitamin D deficiency are discovered to have bone deformities.

Vitamin D prevents aging and pigmentation in the skin. Vitamin D maintains the liver functions and helps the body in developing a proper metabolism. Vitamin D is also very necessary for the diabetes patients. Vitamin D also saves from the skin cancer.

Apart from the vitamin D, sunshine is very important for a natural detox also. When you walk or stand in the sunlight, your body excretes toxic substances in the form of perspiration. If the sunshine is very scorching, then the perspiration will excrete out almost all the toxins of the body. However, a mild sunshine is also beneficial for sunbathing only. You can also do some mild exercises in the mild sunshine to eliminate the body toxins.

Sunshine, Acne and Candidiasis

Sunshine, acne and Candidiasis have a direct relationship with each other. Acne and Candidiasis can be treated with natural minerals, vitamins and other nutrients only if they stay in the body and reach the skin. Sunshine helps in the retention of all the body essentials inside the human body and boosts the metabolism so that all the minerals safely reach the skin.

Recommended Intake for Vitamin D Deficiency

The international health organizations state that a person having the deficiency of the vitamin D should take 200 IU every day. Also, the people with the chances of bone diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis and rickets etc. should also take a similar amount daily.

A normal person should take 150 to 200 IU on a daily basis. On the age basis, the intake should be as follows;

  • 200 IU – From birth to 13 years
  • 200 IU – From 14 to 18 years of age among all genders
  • 200 IU – From 19 to 50 years of age among all genders + pregnant women
  • 400 IU – From 51 to 70 years of age among all genders
  • 600 IU – From 71+ age among all genders

Natural Food Sources for Vitamin D10 to D12
Pure Cod Liver Oil is now readily available in the markets. However, most of the cod liver oil do not contain vitamin D in it. Therefore, always check the ingredients of the cod liver oil before buying it. 1 tablespoon (around 6 capsules) of pure cod liver oil contains 1360 IU vitamin D. Other sources include the following;

  • 360 IU per 3 1/2 ounce salmon
  • 98 IU per 1 cup of milk
  • 40 IU per 1 cup of fortified cereals
  • 20 IU per 1 whole egg

Mushrooms grown in the sunlight are also very rich in the vitamin D, and are ideal supplements for the vitamin D deficient patients.

Fresh Air and Humans

Despite all the lame excuses that revolve around our office, business, house, busy lifestyle etc. the fact is that we are living an artificial life. According to an experiment, a cigarette smoker’s internal system turns black in color due to the lack of healthy air and excess of smoke fumes. We all are passive smokers, if not active. Our internal systems are stuffed with carbon fumes and badly need fresh oxygen to set a normal performance of the systems.

This fresh oxygen can be obtained from the fresh air only. When a person inhales the fresh air, the oxygen is received by all the internal systems. This refreshment is very important for healthy processing. Fresh air also makes a brain smarter. People who inhale fresh air are determined, visionary and hard workers.

Apart from all the benefits, people who inhale the fresh air at least for 5 minutes have lesser acne. For a Candida prone skin, it is essential to expose the infected skin to the fresh air. The air will work on the skin for better metabolism, better blood circulation and thus, more improvement.