The High Performance Handbook Review

The high Performance Handbook is for coaches, athletes and every fitness freaks that are struggling to have a perfect beach body and a healthy lifestyle as well. This honest and unbiased review will enlighten your mind regarding how effective this program is.

The High Performance Handbook is written by Eric Cressey who believes that most if not all fitness coaches gets fed up with hectic routine and ends up giving fitness program that either gives extra stress as a result without any improvement in physique an agility.

Eric believes that every fitness enthusiasts have different body physiques and postures. Therefore he targeted to focus on the appropriate training course that promises to be a revolution in the world of body building. Still the big question ‘Did Eric successfully manage what he promised to give or The High Performance Handbook another scam that gives false hopes only to burn a hole in your pocket? ’ is unanswered. This honest and unbiased review for The High Performance Handbook will definitely answer this.

The High Performance Handbook Reviewed About Product

The High Performance Handbook comes with a nutrition guide to solve what and in what amount to eat. If you are obese, this guide is the answer to your problem. Additionally, if you are just like an athlete having a fit and well toned body, this nutritional guide is still helpful for you.

The Key Features That Eric Cressey focused in The High Performance Handbook are

  • A quick reference guide
  • Divided into 2 programs (Extension and Flexion)
  • A exercise videos database
  • Training templates
  • Nutrition Guide that include worksheets to update diet particular (at additional cost)

With this program, Eric Cressey aims to aid people understand their body structure, shape and need of the body to fully utilize the exercises needed to achieve the highest level of fitness.

High Performance Handbook reviewed for Author – Eric Cressey

Eric Cressey, a power lifter, athlete and owner of the company Cressey Performance offers a great baseball-specific training program. He is one of the top high performance coaches who have trained thousands of people across nation. He is also a coauthor of book on Maximum Strength with Matt Fitzgerald that received 4.5 star reviews on Amazon.

The Good about High Performance Handbook

  1. The commendable flow of the book allows you to easily understand and modify exercises according to your body needs.
  2. No heavy investments required on equipment for exercises and training.
  3. With comprehensive video database, the illustrations make it much easier for a beginner to follow the training regimen.
  4. It is equally beneficial for anyone from a coach to a health enthusiast who’s trying to lose weight, gain weight to look more buff, get a toned body, and even build muscles.
  5. The price is cost-effective.

The Bad about High Performance Handbook

  1. The results are subjected to the individual user and time of achievement may vary according to individual body type.
  2. Need higher level of patience and dedication.
  3. The nutritional guide is not included in the primary product, so those who can’t buy this guide, might not be able to enjoy the maximum results.
  4. To keep track of your performance the nutritional guide demands a lot of data filling that would seem time taking particularly to those who are not good at this.

Bottom Line – Do Eric Cressey Fulfills His Promise or High Performance Handbook Another Scam?

The High Performance Handbook is definitely not among those books and courses that give false hopes and promises. It is different and Eric Cressey is not a scam. With huge database of video exercises and training programs, it will allow you to find appropriate training course that will suit your body type, structure, shape and lifestyle even.

Thus the book is really a rare opportunity for those who are serious about getting fit and ready to achieve higher level of results or even become a coach.