Tea Tree Oil For Beard Growth

Tea Tree Oil

Most Effective Beard Growth Oils

Oil for the growth of a beard can become quite such an agent, as in traditional medicine vegetable and essential oils are often used to improve the health of the skin and hair. So why not use oil in case of insufficient beard growth in order to get a natural volumetric beard? To do this, you need to figure out which oil is better for a beard and its growth, and also how to use it.

What Effect Do Oils Have On Beard Growth?

To understand whether the selected oil helps to improve the quality and appearance of the beard, use the tool will need to belong and regularly. Experts advise the use of oil, even those men who have a beard by nature is growing rapidly and densely, but with the aim of improving the quality of the hair structure, giving the beard a bright, saturated color, healthy shine, and well-groomed appearance.

  • The beneficial properties of beard oils are as follows:
  • Stimulate hair growth due to nutrition from the inside of their bulbs;
  • Protect hair from loss and breakage;
  • “Sleeping” bulbs are awakened, thereby increasing the thickness of the beard;
  • Make a beard growth uniform;
  • Promote saturation of skin cells with beneficial substances;
  • Saturate hair and skin with a pleasant aroma.

Base oils, such as apricot, olive or almond oil, are used to create a multi-component mask. Useful esters are added to it, most often experts use pine needles, wood aromas, citrus oil, and rosemary or tea tree oil. It is essential to make the proportions correctly so that the mask does not cause skin irritation and an allergic reaction.

What Oils Are Effective?

Home cosmetics, consisting of natural ingredients, are many times more effective and safer to restore healthy hair growth, even if it is a beard and mustache. To make home treatment effective, it is better to combine it with other conservative methods, for example, using vitamin-mineral complexes for hair growth, as well as lifestyle changes.


The most popular and natural hair growth activator is burdock oil. It can be used as a base, but only in small quantities due to the high percentage of fat. If you mix a few drops of burdock oil with the elixir of tea tree, you can remove skin irritation and allergies, as well as ensure the beard with a pleasant aroma and softness.

But if you mix the oil with pepper, but only again in minimal proportions, in this case, the mask will stimulate the growth and nourishment of hair by accelerating blood circulation. The oil should be slightly warmed, rubbed with palms, and then rubbed into the skin of the chin so that it is absorbed as much as possible. It will be necessary to wash off the oil only after 30-60 minutes with the help of soap and warm water.


Castor oil is also ideal for accelerating the growth of mustache and beard if used correctly in combination with other components. Perfectly combines this oil with burdock, if mixed in the same ratio. The composition of the oil is rich in useful acids, as well as vitamins and trace elements that trigger the processes of regeneration and renewal of skin cells, eliminate itching, peeling, skin allergies.

Ricinoleic acid in the composition of castor oil has a powerful antibacterial effect, and most importantly, this acid stimulates the growth of bristles, mustaches, and beards, strengthening the hair structure. The oil tastes bitter, so the mouth area is best avoided. Rubbing it into the palms, apply the oil on the desired area of the face, rubbing it with massage movements until it is completely absorbed. You will need to wash your face with soap only in an hour and carry out the procedures three times a week for six months.


Apply this oil should be in combination with other cosmetic and essential oils. Argan oil is beneficial in that it moisturizes and softens the skin of the face, eliminating any signs of age-related changes and aging. For beard, dew oil is useful because the hair structure also makes it soft, docile, nourishes the hair follicles with its valuable composition.


Esters of this oil are indispensable for sensitive and prone to diseases and skin reactions. High-quality sweet almond oil effectively fights against any inflammatory processes in the body. But the most important feature of this oil is its ability to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs on the beard. In this regard, the mask of almond oil with other components provide thick and long vegetation, but only if systematically applied.


The absolute difference between jojoba oil is its soft structure, which is almost identical to the oil produced by the body. Due to this, the oil is quickly and completely absorbed deep into the epidermis, giving away all its valuable components. The natural product is a source of amino acids that stimulate blood circulation and nourishing the skin with oxygen. The oil makes the beard soft, shiny and fragrant.


Olive oil is irreplaceable in composition and beneficial properties for mustache, beard, and skin. It is only necessary to choose a refined, high-quality oil that maximally stimulates hair growth, regenerates skin cells, eliminates any injuries and microcracks, removes irritation and moisturizes the skin. It is necessary to use fat as warm compresses, for massage and in combination with essential oils for masks.


This oil contains a large concentration of acids, linoleic acid, mineral components, vitamins, thanks to which the microcirculation of blood, oxygen supply of tissues and cells is improved. All this leads to the acceleration of the growth of hairs, for the bristles, linseed oil is an indispensable tool. The most useful for hair growth will be cold-pressed oil, as heat treatment destroys most of the beneficial components.

Alternative medicine offers the following recipe – in a bowl mixed in the same part of butter and kefir, as well as chicken yolk. The composition of the mask should be slightly warmed, then massaged into the desired portion of the face. As a result of regular procedures, the cover removes the inflammatory process, eliminates rashes and acne, and also soothes the skin.

Essential Oils

The beard mask should consist of a more significant part of the base oil, and only a few drops of esters are added. Essential oil of the highly concentrated extract that can burn the skin. For beard growth, experts advise using the following ester oils:

  • Tea tree;
  • Citrus oils;
  • Rosemary;
  • Peppermint;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Jasmine and others

Ester oil is added more often to smell, and the valuable composition and therapeutic effects on the skin and facial hair are more dependent on the base oil. Eucalyptus oil is used against inflammation and irritation, cedar to eliminate acne, mint oil to nourish and refresh the skin, lemongrass oil to protect the skin after shaving, etc. Also, esters accelerate blood flow, which is also useful for stimulating beard growth.

Hi Ho Beard Oil

The finished cosmetic product for the care of the beard and the stimulation of its growth is the oil hi ho, as part of which the necessary oils are already combined in the right proportion. The product is 100% natural, and in its composition, the manufacturer uses the following components:

  • Jojoba oil to regenerate the epidermis and strengthen hair;
  • Grape seed oil for shine hair;
  • Castor oil stimulates the maturation of weak follicles to increase the volume of the beard;
  • Oil of strengthening brittle hairs;
  • Ginger oil to protect against hair loss;
  • Black pepper to improve the structure of hair and prevent hair loss.

Every morning and evening, the oil should be applied in the amount of 5-7 drops to the skin of the face where bristles and mustaches grow. Before this, the oil should be rubbed with palms so that it becomes warm and more comfortable to absorb.

How To Use?

Before applying the oil on the face, you need to wash with soap and warm water and dry the skin with a soft towel. Only, in this case, the components of the mask will penetrate deeply into the subcutaneous layers, as well as fully absorbed. Next, the finished oil composition should be dripped on the palm, carefully rub them and pat them so that the oil becomes warm. Only in this state should it be applied to the skin.

Oil is applied by massaging rubbing movements on the desired part of the face, where a beard and mustache grows, as well as whiskers. If the skin has any injuries, rashes, diseases, the use of oils should be abandoned. Rub the mask until it is completely absorbed. Depending on the composition, the oil mask is left on the face for 30-60 minutes, then rinsed under warm water with soap.