Subjective & Objective Tinnitus and Food Allergies

Tinnitus is a medical condition in which the affected person listens to the sounds of ringing, roaring, buzzing or clanging noise in ear or head. However, almost all agreed upon one point that tinnitus is not some kind of disease but it is actually a disorder which has been categorized into two types known as subjective and objective.

Tinnitus Categories

Subjective Tinnitus
In case of subjective, the affected person hears the ringing and other noises in his or her ear or head but these are limited to them and no one else can hear those noises. It should also be noted that the noises may vary from person to person. In most of the cases, the high-pitch gets involved.

Objective Tinnitus
On the other hand is objective tinnitus which is apparent and can also be heard by the other people such as the doctors or health practitioner who is examining the patient. In this case, it is quite possible that the structured surrounding of the ear might get detected to notice such pulsating signals.

Causes of Tinnitus

The constriction and inflammation are greatly involved and present in case of tinnitus. This is the main reasons why the health researchers and scientists preferred to bring food allergies into considerations as they might also be a cause in this kind of disorder. The information about the food allergies can be quite useful in treating tinnitus and preventing it to reoccur in future.

Food Allergies

Food allergies are unusual human bodily response to different kinds of food. Sometimes, our immune system which is basically our defensive system and provide us a shield against diseases, consider some kind of foods as our enemy and treat them accordingly. When it fights back the food, the result may come in form of inflammation. In case of inflammation, there might be various problems inside the body but in fact, the body responds quite positively in our support.

Reaction of Body to Foods

Allergies or food allergies can cause to generate inflammation & vasoconstriction in our body which makes it one of the causes of tinnitus. However, there are some certain type of foods which normally create such kind of disorders. It is quite normal for your body to react some certain type of foods which normally cause allergies but most of the people get allergenic with dairy products, eggs, soy products, peanuts, wheat and milk. Therefore, if you are having tinnitus problem, you must try to avoid the above mentioned foods. The other foods which are more allergic to people are chicken and seafood.


Foods allergies may be a cause of tinnitus but it is not for all as some people don’t have any kind of allergies and for them there is no need to avoid eggs and dairy products etc. however, the most important thing to remember is that you must consult with your doctor to get rid of tinnitus as he is the one who can diagnose the actual factor behind your problem and once the main culprit is caught, there will be very simple to treat tinnitus.

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