Signs That You May Have Diabetes

Although it is a relatively easy disease it can be diagnosed through a simple blood test, many peoples are failed to make timely analysis. There are some symptoms that should make you think. Diabetes is installed especially among people who do not do tests at least once a year; they do not know they have this particular disease.

Without a proper diet or, with appropriate treatment with taking pills or insulin injections are designed to control blood sugar, diabetes can lead to serious forms of dangerous complications: that may coronary heart disease, heart attack, blindness and even amputation of limbs. But in the case of diabetes, the body gives signals that something is wrong. Here are some signs that you may have diabetes:

You may often go to the toilet because of the urination often, especially at night, which may indicate that the kidneys are struggling to remove excess blood glucose.

You may Feel Constantly Thirsty:
This symptom goes accordingly with the insatiable thirst; the body tries to recover lost fluid because of regular urination.

Visibly lose weight:
This might enjoy at first, but rapid weight loss, especially when you are not dieting, it’s a bad sign! Because diabetes requires the existence of an excess of glucose in the blood and a deficiency in cells, which can be used as energy, the body receives signals to start using muscle protein as an alternative source of “fuel”.

Occurrence of Hunger:
You will feel like you’re hungry and you will eat a whole meal, appeared repeatedly which may still be a sign of diabetes which is install because of large fluctuations (high values followed by some low) blood sugar.

It Irritates Your Skin:
Dry skin and itching sensation appearance indicates poor blood circulation, which is another symptom of diabetes. Another disturbing skin manifestation is excessive pigmentation of the skin in certain areas, especially on the neck and armpits.

All sorts of infections frequently occur:
Diabetics have weakened immunity, and women are prone to yeast infections. Vaginal Candida is resistant to the treatment or recurs after healing all applicable treatments which may not only send you to the gynecologist, but also to the laboratory blood tests.

Decreased Vision:
One of the most dangerous and unpleasant effects of diabetes is a decreased vision. Increased levels of blood sugar can cause a distorted image, the bright dots appear. The good news is that these symptoms disappear as soon as the sugar level is brought to normal in time. If the disease is neglected for a long time, vision loss may be total and irreversible.

Diabetes May Affect Nervous System:
Uncontrolled movement of the limbs, often accompanied by burning and swelling, which shows that there is a possibility that nervous system, may be affected by diabetes.