Procedure For The Perfect Skin Around The Eyes

To prevent early aging signs around the eyes like wrinkles, dark circles or dark lines needs special care. American nutrition’s offers some suggestions for the proper care of your eye area to avoid premature wrinkles. Following are the views of expert’s suggestions for a visibly younger skin around your eyes:

1- Hydration for the skin with eye cream:
Moisturize your skin with a special cream for this area. Using a special cream will intensely nourish dry skin to prevent fine lines of expression and wrinkles. Remember that no matter how beautiful your eye makeup looks, but it will not look good on dry skin or texture, so hydration is the first step for an elegant appearance and natural makeup.
Eye cream should be applied with using a circular motion of the ring finger in a clockwise direction, starting from the external corner of the eye and continuing through slight blurring external cream around the eye area, so that the skin is not stretched beyond the measure.

2- Use moisturizer which contains sunscreen:
Protect your skin with a daily moisturizer that contains sunscreen. It will fight against aging spots and uneven skin texture that occur over time. Sun is one of the main factors contributing to the loss of skin tone and firmness, being responsible for the early appearance of aging skin.

3- Completely relax yourself with deep breathing:
Relax your facial muscles every time when you feel tension. Following long hours spent in front of computer or after a migraine, facial muscles around the eyes are in constant motion. To prevent expression lines and wrinkles caused by muscle contraction or tension, try to relax completely, freeing up even power at least three times a day. Do breathe three times and release tension as you exhale.

4- Strain-relief relaxation:
Strain-relief relaxation or meditation can make you look much younger. Soothes your eyes with a cotton pads soaked in hot water over that add a touch of lavender oil and your muscles will relax more quickly. Use sunglasses on sunny days to avoid being forced to tighten muscles straining eyes and measures which will only deepen wrinkles.