Physical Fitness During Pregnancy

For about 50 years ago, doctors forbade women to do exercises. But as the over time, the recommendations have changed the directions of health specialist. Doctors and physical trainers in one voice told that pregnancy is not a disease but a natural state for women and it is must for the mother to move more and strengthen her body. Relaxation not only cause harm to the baby, but mothers did not know about the unpleasant consequences of pregnancy.

Start a fitness program with a consult of your doctor:
Before you begin to strengthen the body with spirit, it is imperative to consult with a doctor. Exercise is a healthy activity for women – but absolutely contraindicated from the doctor or health specialist is also necessary before following any fitness program. Whatever sports you choose, should be a constantly monitor on your heart rate and condition. Carefully watch to stay with well-being routine and diet; if you are short of breath, drawing pains in the abdomen, weakness, red spots on the body and face, dizziness, you should stop activity and make a break.

For maximum relaxation of mother:
Of all changes in your health during a workout should be concerned with your doctor. Yoga exercise is effective for a pregnant woman – it gives maximum relaxation, not include the advance exercises, which will be difficult to make for a pregnant woman. Mandatory stretching exercises before the loop is a good prevention for a disease like varicose veins. But do not “stretch” in full force, as during pregnancy can be easily injured.

Useful exercises during pregnancy:
Most useful exercises during pregnancy are walking or light jogging. The most important thing is not to do these activities in hurry and don’t do it for fun. Swimming is also a good sport, which will help the expectant mother to keep your body in good shape. During exercise, strengthens the back muscles and chest, in the water to make a “massage”, which improves blood circulation in the tissues, which prevents the appearance of cellulite as well.

Physical activities which should be discarded:
During pregnancy dancing sports should be discarded, because you may lose your balance and you may also get injured or injure the fetus. Also banned jumping and sports, where the emphasis is on boosting strength. If you have decided to do at home, then you should definitely check with your doctor regularly, but it is much better and safer to do such activities in the gym under the guidelines of fitness specialist trainer. It is better to do 3-4 times a week for half an hour.

Precautions for the pregnant mother:
Remember that no matter how good you are leading with your physical fitness approach, the main objective should be remembered that you are the only defender of your baby. Do not forget that pregnancy is not suitable posture, where your feet are above the head. Take care of yourself and your baby. Remember that everything you do with a care, it should be beneficial for you and for your child’s health as well!