Onion For Stuffy Nose

onion for stuffy nose

Onion Juice Benefits

Our grandparents knew that ordinary onions contain volatile production of so-called natural antibiotics. Thanks to them, you can quickly and effortlessly eliminate cold symptoms such as:

  • Labored breathing;
  • Swelling of the nasal mucosa;
  • Congestion of the nasal sinuses;
  • A sore throat with severe coughing;
  • The difficulty with expectoration.

Not only that, a person who has caught a cold, it is merely useful to eat this vegetable, it is recommended to make it out of its juice and extraordinary means. Let’s learn how to apply onion juice with a cold, cough and other signs of illness.

Recipes Of Traditional Medicine With Onion Juice

The range of onion juice in folk medicine is very extensive. It is used for the preparation of drops and ointments, mixing with various ingredients. You can do rubbing and compresses with onion juice – and all these methods have proven their effectiveness.

The Classic Recipe For A Cold, Time-Tested.

The easiest, but a very effective way to remove nasal congestion is to clean the onion head from the husk, rub it on the smallest grater, squeeze the juice through gauze and then dilute it in a small amount of water. Using onion juice in this form is very simple: you need to soak a cotton swab in the resulting liquid and lay it first in one nostril, and then in the second – in each nostril, a tampon should be held for about ten minutes.

Onion Ointment

This recipe of the bit more complicated than the previous one because, besides onions, it uses honey, the agave’s pulp – aloe, cyclamen root and Vishinski ointment, which can be bought at any pharmacy. To prepare such cream is very simple: all the above components are mixed in a separate container in equal proportions (5 or 10 grams), then the mixture is slightly heated in a water bath.

To get rid of the cold, you need to lubricate with a warm ointment cotton swab and lay in the nasal sinuses for about half an hour, repeating the procedure twice a day until the patient feels better.

Onion Oil With Nasal Congestion

Onion juice with a cold can be used in the form of fat. The cooking process usually does not cause difficulties:

The bulb, peeled, is rubbed on a fine grater.

The resulting mass is poured with a glass of hot sunflower oil and wrapped in something warm for seven hours.

Seven hours later, the resulting “magic” oil smears nostrils several times a day.

Onion Inhalations

Inhalation is also well proven. All of you probably remember how mother and grandmother made us in childhood breathe hot steam from healing broth, covered with a head with a towel.

Onion gruel merely is laid out in a glass, which is placed in any container with hot water, for example, in a saucepan. Next, you need to make a funnel from ordinary paper, put it into a glass and inhale the hot vapor of one or the other nostril in turn. However, you can use the classic inhalation from our childhood – inhalation of onion vapor under a towel.

This method dramatically facilitates breathing and relieves nasal congestion. It is recommended to use it several times a day, but not more than four, if you have only a runny nose, and no other cold symptoms are observed.

onion for stuffy nose

The Medical Pulp Of Onion For Children

Onion juice in its pure form is not recommended for babies, because the child’s mucous membranes are too gentle and the maximum concentration can cause severe burns. The best option for getting rid of a cold for the little ones is a mixture of onion juice with water or honey. On a pound of chopped onion, you need to take 50 g of syrup or water, mix well and put the mixture in the refrigerator.

This miraculous mixture in a few days will relieve your children from colds if you give it to the little fidgets one tablespoon after a meal. If you are sick yourself – you can also use the healing onion gruel, only increasing the dosage to two tablespoons.

Onion Drops In The Nose

Onion juice in the head cold in the form of drops will help speed recovery only in case of a viral infection. If allergies or chronic sinusitis cause nasal congestion, the remedy will not help. There are three most common recipes for effective drops.

Finely chopped or grated onion should be mixed with six to eight teaspoons of sunflower oil and infused for 10 hours. After that, the mixture is squeezed through gauze, and the finished drops are instilled into the nose two or three times a day. If you want a faster effect – you can press a clove of garlic into the mixture.

In a teaspoon of olive oil you need to add a few drops of onion juice, then carefully mix the mixture with a cotton swab and drip into the nose.

The medium-sized onion is crushed and fried in a dry frying pan until liquid appears, after which the fluid is drained into a separate container, three tablespoons of olive, peach or sea buckthorn oil are added to it. After filtering drops through the gauze, they are instilled into the nose two to three in each nostril a couple of times a day.

Explosive Cocktail “Get Well Overnight.”

This tool can be called a real lifesaver when you cannot take sick leave, and you need to return to the system in one day. Such an effective onion mixture will lift you to your feet in just one night, if you drink it before bedtime, without drinking or sticking anything.

To make a “magic potion,” you need to mix 100 ml of lemon juice, five tablespoons of onion juice, a tablespoon of honey and 200 ml of hot water. Squeeze a clove of garlic into the mixture, let it cool a little and drink it in one gulp – excellent state of health is guaranteed in the morning!

How To Apply Onion Juice With A Cold Right

All the above recipes have a similar effect, but the desired result will not work if some simple rules are not followed.

Onion juice helps only with viral and bacterial infections. Allergic manifestations, which many confuse with colds, cannot be cured with the help of this vegetable – use specific anti-allergenic drugs.

The air in the room where the patient is located should not be too dry. If the room is very stuffy, the mucous membranes dry up, thereby creating an environment that is fruitful for bacteria to grow. Therefore, the recommended temperature in the room should not exceed 22 degrees.

If you are very sensitive, do not use onion juice in its pure form – always dilute it with water or oil (olive, sunflower, sea buckthorn). And even more so it is impossible to give undiluted “vigorous” juice in its pure form to children.

During the illness, the human body is deficient in liquid, so you need to drink as much boiled water as possible at room temperature, tea, herbal decoctions and fruit drinks. The optimal dose of cash for a sick person should be at least one and a half to two liters per day.

To say goodbye to irritating rhinitis as soon as possible, in addition to the “onion products,” do the nasal wash with a unique solution: one teaspoon of baking soda should be dissolved in a liter of water.

Do not use drops, ointments and onion-based solutions prepared more than a week ago. Remember that the maximum shelf life of such natural medicines is seven days.

The optimal duration of onion treatment is three days. If you bury such drops longer, there may be side effects.

And most importantly – do not use onion juice just as a prophylactic if you do not have any unpleasant symptoms of the flu and cold.

Side Effects And Contraindications

On the whole, onion is a natural product, so its juice is not considered harmful, but no one has canceled own intolerance and hypersensitivity of the mucous membranes. If you feel dryness in the nose or throat when you apply onion juice or an intense burning sensation with profuse tearing – this folk remedy does not suit you.

Also, the improper concentration of the solution can cause chemical burns and swelling of the nostrils. Therefore, carefully monitor your health and, if instead of improving your feel worsening, stop using onion juice with a cold and cough, and try other medical or folk remedies.