Menu of a Cleansing Diet for Weight Loss

Many people wonder what they can do to improve their physique without going through weight loss surgery and the treatments that are really very expensive for losing weight. In some cases, people speak of other problems such as ill health due to poor nutrition and obesity. With cleansing diets, you can get your body to remain in much better shape and avoid certain diseases and all this will translate into a greater well-being of yours. Today I come to speak of cleansing diets; there are many variations I am going to provide you with information about one of the most proven cleansing diets for losing weight as it is the initial step in weight loss journey.

What is a cleansing diet?

Cleansing diets dos what its name suggests; it cleanses your body, getting rid of some bad eating habits that have been maintained for a long period of time and their consequences in our bodies are removed.

As a consequence of poor diet, you face issues of include high levels of cholesterol, fat accumulation, hypertension or uric acid among many other problems whose main cause is our poor diet.

With cleansing diets, we transform our intake of harmful and disruptive foods in a new way by eating low-fat foods such as fish, vegetables and fruit products of greater prominence. If you need a complete weight loss program with exercise and meals plans, you can try Venus Factor and this Venus Factor review will also help you decide if you should go for this program.

What foods are ideal to include in weight loss cleansing diet?

The best thing about this type of diet is that they are quite intuitive; well, you do not really need to have a master’s degree in nutrition to know what the best foods are to include in a cleansing diet. One of the fundamental premises of any diet is to carry out 5 meals a day i.e. change the habits if you make three heavy meals a day for 5 lighter but nutritionally complete meals.


This is the most important meal according to many experts and this is due to the long time between dinner and breakfast. The best elements for cleansing and start the day with a breakthrough diet are recommended at this stage. You can have low-fat yogurt, fruit, roasted turkey, whole grains, coffee or tea and combine these elements with different recipes, for example, fruit juices or you can make salads but without enlarged quantities.

Mid-Morning Snack

You get energy in mid-morning, but without taking excess food; you can have few nuts, a piece of fruit or a light sandwich of turkey with light cheese.


You need to have quality food and cook it properly. Avoid frying and prefer the oven for baking or have it in boiled or grilled form. Lean boiled or grilled meats, vegetables, salads and fish are recommended.

After-Lunch Snack

In after-lunch snack, you are recommended to have a piece of fruit or a low-fat dairy.


It is important to have dinner, but try to balance it with the rest of the day; the recommended food include salads, vegetable soups and purees as they will be a great option for debugging end of the day in your body.

In these diets, it is important to drink a lot of water to help your body in its excretory functions and debugging. You must always follow the diet consistently for the expected results, otherwise we will spend some difficult days until you adapt to the diet and your body starts to debug. You must change your habits to make results totally useful for the time and effort invested in the diet.