Lymph Drainage with Jade Roller

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Lymph drainage is a massage which targets the lymphatic system. Professional therapists gently rub, push, tap and stroke in circular motions while mapping your system’s flow and drainage pathways. Home practitioners perform similar techniques and some use tools like natural facial rollers. For serious enthusiasts, they only use the best jade roller for face. By working with the structure of the lymphatic system, the massage helps the lymph fluid pass through the system to be filtered by the lymph nodes and flushed out by the body.

A deep lymphatic massage is leisurely and lasts 45 minutes to an hour. It can be performed by a health professional, like a nurse or doctor, or licensed therapists. The National Lymphedema Network contains a list of certified therapists or you can ask your local clinic or physician for a referral.

Unless your physician prescribes lymphatic massage as part of your long-term treatment, you can perform basic massage techniques at home which promotes lymphatic drainage. Although they won’t necessarily be considered the same as when performed by a professional, you still get the same benefits.

One tool you’ll find helpful in performing a lymph massage at home properly is a jade roller. Investing in the best jade roller for face you can buy is worth the expense because you’ll use this tool regularly and close to your skin. The jade roller is a handheld facial massage tool made of jade. You glide it gently over your chest, neck and face to promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Most jade rollers will come with instructions on how to use it properly. If it doesn’t, you can always go online.

Lymph drainage with the best jade roller for face

First, make sure that your jade roller and skin are clean. You can use the jade roller at room temperature but the best jade roller for face is chilled so place it in the freezer overnight. Apply your favorite skin product in light, tapping motions. Your motion should be from the bottom, going up so you’ll start from your décolletage and move on to your neck, jawline, cheeks until you reach your forehead. When you get to your face, start at the center and roll outwards. You can roll over the same area 3 or 4 times but never roll backwards. You might also want to finish one side of your face before moving on to the other side to ensure that every part of your face is properly massaged.

The simple and gentle rolling action helps remove stoppages and stagnant fluids in your lymph system. Although some of our lymph nodes are located deep in our bodies, most are found near our skin’s surface. You only need to apply gentle pressure because applying too much can create blocks. You can also experiment with tools, but jade rollers are the easiest to handle and use in terms of design, convenience and learning curve – and the best jade roller for face are those made with genuine jade. They ease the strain compared to using bare hands and make it easy even for newbies to maintain that necessary gentle pressure while massaging.