Lose Weight with 4 Smartphone Apps

The Smartphone are fed by many applications with support of different operating systems of mobile telephony, which not only make life easier for the owners of Smartphones, but are also able to help in making life healthier. Indeed, some of these programs are aimed at reducing the impact of a major public health problem known as obesity or overweight.

In this article you will realize that body weight loss is possible with the help of your Smartphone, and to achieve this, I suggest four very useful applications, but you can get success without your willpower.

1 – MyFitnessPal

It has been developed by MyFitnessPal. Inc. and it is available for free. This calorie control application has a database of foods of three million meals which is constantly updated. It records each of all nutrients, calories, fats, protein, carbohydrates, sugars, fiber, cholesterol, etc. In this way, you will have accurate information to control your weight or reduce extra weight.

Its recipe calculator is an ideal tool for establishing a healthy diet as it provides the opportunity to save the objectives according to your specific diet profile as age, gender and activity level and adds specific recommendations from a doctor or nutritionist.

It has a customizable list of over 350 exercises to burn calories as well as a barcode scanner for foods to locate them in the database of this application, which has versions for different cell phone operating systems.


2 – DietPoint

This app has been developed by DietPoint Ltd. and it is also free. It offers more than 150 diet plans to lose weight. The developers say that more than two million users have used this app to remove their excess weight. This app guides you to indicate what to eat in each of your meals to reduce weight without affecting your health. Importantly, each diet plan is accompanied by a list for grocery shopping.

Every day you will receive notifications and tips in your smartphone for a better diet. You can calculate weight loss as per your own bodily characteristics. It also allows you to contact other members of the app to exchange experiences and encourage each other to follow the diet.


3 – Lose It!

The app has been developed by FitNow, Inc. and it is free as well. On its official website, a counter appears with a figure close to 27 million, according to the creators of the app, it indicates the number of pounds lost by the owners of mobile devices with the tips in this application.

It produces a weight loss plan that fits into your daily life. It has the functionality to measure the number of calories you consume compared to the amount lost by the exercises Lose It! indicates. It allows the ability to share with family and friends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter the diet you follow, the recipes you eat and success that you reach by reducing weight in a healthy way. It also promotes competition among members to determine who meets the goal of achieving ideal weight. It has the database of exercises, calorie counter, scanner and varied recipes. It also has a paid version which offers some additional resources.


4 – Noom Weight Loss Coach

Noom Inc. has developed this app and offers it for free. The developers call their system as a personalized and interactive way to lose weight, which helps reduce the extra pounds and maintain your ideal weight. As indicated, 86% of active users lose weight successfully. It works as a sort of personal assistant in the process of losing weight that provides instructions the users need to follow to reach the goals.

Other features include the history of exercise, diet, weight, food record, tracking exercises with GPS integrated in real time and pedometer, programmable reminders, articles illustrating the way to lead a healthy life, forums and social network integration.