Lean And Lovely Program Review – Is Neghar Fonooni a Scam?

Hello Ladies, having tough time hunting a good women only program to get lean and gain strength?

Lean and Lovely Program written by Neghar Fonooni, is a women only program, for losing excess fat and getting a strong feminine body. This honest and unbiased review will help you find out if Neghar Fonooni’s Lean and Lovely program a Scam or a Right program for you.

Review of Lean and Lovely Program

With plenty of information on diet, nutrition and exercise available, talking specifically about Lean and Lovely program the big word is Kettlebells.The program involves metabolic resistance training focused on Kettlebells that is known for effectively losing fat and sculpting lean muscle for variety of weight loss programs.

This e-book Lean and Lovely by Neghar Fonooni is 12 week kettlebell program for women help reduce unwanted fats, tone body, and build strength throughout the body through a series of exercises. Additionally there is a 100 nutrition guide that help around right foods to eat and which ones to avoid, plus what supplements can actually be healthy and help against those that are no good for health.

Lean And Lovely Program Reviewed for Product

The e-book contains 7 truths that help to in every step to transformation and better self. The Lean and Lovely Program comes with:

  • The Lean & Lovely training manual for12-week training program. A 80 pages manual of valuable fitness advice that can be used for many years to come
  • Nutrition Handbook- The handbook contains guidelines on what to eat. This creates synergy with training manual for maximal results.
  • The Lean & Lovely Sweat sessions- A bonus sweat sessions that contain short, powerful, heart pumping workouts that last a few 8 minutes. It helps to uplift your spirits, jumpstart your energy giving you a feminine sexy glow.
  • The Lean & Lovely Video Exercise Database- 65 videos by Fonooni demonstrating her workouts from the basic exercises like squats to more complex ones like chains and complexes.
  • The Lean & Lovely Membership Access- This gives you access to the members area where you can interact with Neghar Fonooni and other women using the program.

Lean and Lovely Author – Neghar Fonooni

A Los Angeles Native who resides in Santa Monica, Neghar Fonooni is a writer, fitness expert, entrepreneur, and mom who is passionate about helping people, especially women to empower themselves to live a vibrant and fulfilling life, cultivate their inner radiance and live life of their own design.

She has a 13 years experience of training to worldwide workshops, fitness publications, seminars and retreats and her exclusive ladies only online coaching program.

Who Is Lean And Lovely For?

Lean and Lovely program is specifically designed for females who are not only want to lose excess weight but also concerned with their overall fitness. The 12 weeks are structured in 3 phases of 4 weeks, each phase having a slightly different focus. This structuring makes it possible for women of any fitness level to get started with program where it suits your fitness and experience level. Remember the kettlebell exercises can be fairly intense, so those who are psychologically unhealthy or unwholesome can start with a simpler healthy eating and steady low impact exercises like walking and running.

So the program is for any women no matter goals are some minor improvement like losing few pounds to or a complete body transformation of massive fat loss and lean muscle gain.

What’s Different in Lean And Lovely Program

Many fitness programs that only focus on good workout plan and diet, but they never cater for encouraging you towards workout. After checking out Lean and Lovely program, I found it very unique because training methods are strategically designed to be effective, time efficient and the best part enjoyable.

Lean and Lovely Program reviewed for Positives

  • Fonooni the creator of this program is a reliable fitness and training expert that means the information is much more reliable as compared to other online fad fitness programs.
  • The program is comprehensive including nutrition, exercises and lifestyle, therefore far more likely to be successful for longer term.
  • Program comes with 6o day trial period, no question, no condition, full money back guarantee.
  • It can be used by any women on different fitness levels, and with busy routines, even with no time to hit gyms.
  • It makes you lean and sexy without restrictions or deprivation and without spending long exhausting hours in the gymnasium
  • It includes videos to demonstrate how various workouts be done for maximum results. A nutritional guide and sweat session help transform women inside out.


Cons Of Lean and Lovely Program

  • The program might be considered to be cost because it demands organic food, special supplements, and kettle bells for use at home.
  • The workouts or the exercises are good but fairly intense so they need a level of dedication and commitment.


Is Lean and Lovely Program by Neghar Fonooni a Scam?

Lean and Lovely program is quite good for women by a trustworthy and credible woman, Neghar Fonooni. She, along with her blog, has been training and helping many women for many years. I found no negative report about Neghar Fonooni. It takes on all the key factors that often lead to gain weight and can help create long term healthy habits. So get Lean and Lovely now and see how Neghar Fonooni can make you lean and lovely in 3 months.