Is Snoring Affecting Your Marital Life?

Is snoring affecting your matrimonial life? Is your spouse fed up with your snoring habit? If yes, you must be looking for some effective tips to prevent snoring and saving your matrimonial life. Though snoring is not a disease, it can destroy your peaceful life if your partner is not used to sleeping in noisy atmosphere. There you go with 4 effective tips to prevent snoring.

4 Effective Tips to Prevent Snoring

1) Sleeping straight on the back

If you are habitual of sleeping straight on your back, it gives pressure on your diaphragm, (the partition separating the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity) or throat which causes snoring.


When you lie on the bed, put some firm pillow rather than soft one under your head to lift up your head. It will help releasing pressure from your throat and prevent snoring.

2) Having alcoholic drinks

After a busy working day, finally when you go to sleep, your body muscles get relaxed including throat and mouth which cause vibrations in the throat and produce snoring and if you drink some alcoholic drinks before going to the bed it will work like pouring oil on the fire. These beverages will make muscles more relaxed which will limit the air passageway and cause snoring.


Solution is quite simple; just avoid alcoholic drinks, sleeping pills, tranquilizers and antihistamines before going to bed.

3) Avoid dairy products and heavy meals before going to bed

Having dairy products or heavy meals at night before you go to sleep will increase the chances of snoring as these habits gives pressure on your diaphragm.


Avoiding dairy products like milk and cheese will decrease the chances of mucus production and prevent snoring.

4) Try to lose weight

Fatness or obese not only cause snoring but also cause other health problems. People with overweight usually have thick neck tissue cause to increase the chances of snoring.


Try to lose weight; this will definitely help you prevent snoring.