Is Pregnancy a Major Cause of Tinnitus in Women?

There are many women who have been living with ear ringing or tinnitus for many years even they get pregnant with this problem or the problem occur when they get pregnant. Tinnitus is a medical condition but it is not a disease and in this condition, the patient hears noises such as ringing, whooshing, buzzing, & clanging in right or left or sometimes in both ears. The strange thing is that there is no sound from the outside but it comes into the ear or head.

Underling Conditions

Tinnitus might also be a symptom of some kind of underlying condition or disease. It is also believed that tinnitus might also be caused by ear infection, earwax, hearing loss, high blood pressure, diabetes and circulatory problems. It has also been noticed that a large population of men from the age of 30-70 get affected with ear ringing. In most the cases, the sufferer experience the loud and constant noises.

Hormonal Changes

On the other hands, the women are not safe and they also get affected with this problem. Women are inclined to get suffered with ear ringing issues from the ages of 15 to 50. Moreover, they can also go through this condition if they are going through hormonal imbalances or getting pregnant. The process of changes in hormones can begin during puberty, menstrual period, menopause and pregnancy.

Pregnancy & Tinnitus in Women

The studies show that the 55% of the women, who have never had to suffer from tinnitus in their life, get this issue when they get pregnant. Moreover, the studies also show that the 60% of the women, who experience tinnitus before they get pregnant, notice an extreme increase in the problem during their pregnancy period.

However, you should also know that pregnancy is not the major cause of tinnitus but there are various others. If this is because of the pregnancy, the condition will be cured automatically after the birth of the child. Another reason of tinnitus is gestation during which the body gets changes which may lead to the development of sounds in the head or ear.

Pregnancy, Stress & Tinnitus

Stress is another cause and most of the women often have stress because of many reason and problems in their lives which may ultimately lead to the tinnitus. During pregnancy, the woman goes thought various difficult situations and this is off Course not easy for her. During this period various mental and physical changes bring stress to the mentality of the woman and she undergoes tinnitus and various other mental and physical conditions.

Tinnitus Treatment during Pregnancy

As mentioned above that tinnitus is not a disease but it is simply a condition which can be treated easily with various treatment methods. If you are one of those women who are pregnant and having tinnitus, you must consult with for doctor for its proper treatment. In some cases, it does not require any treatment at all but get resolved after the birth of the baby.

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