How Hot Tubs Improve Your Health

Hot Tubs Improve Health

When we think about hot tubs we often see them as an experience for the wealthy or reserved for spa days. However, taking the time to have a soak can actually bring a wide variety of benefits for many and be very therapeutic. Continue to read about the wellness advantages if you are considering purchasing a hot tub but unsure if it will make a good investment.


Something else that may surprise you is how long hydrotherapy has been popular. For thousands of years, cultures all around the world have been using water treatment to help with certain ailments and health conditions. It is most frequently used to relieve stress, arthritis, and sports injuries. By using hydrotherapy, many have found it as an effective way to help reduce their pain, thus improving comfort.

When you enjoy a hydrotherapy massage you will be boosting your immune system, improving blood circulation, and decreasing muscle inflammation. As you soak in those warm waters your body will begin to release endorphins, this can act as a natural painkiller and improve morale.

Today, many hot tubs are specifically designed to massage in a series of jet zones. These zones prove a custom massage for each bather. These systems can target specific conditions such as back pain, neck pain, sore muscles, and assist all your muscles, in general, to heal quicker after a workout.

Stress Reduction

A common health issue among many is stress. Finding ways to reduce stress can be crucial in finding a healthy and happy balance in life. Hot tubs can do just that. When you take the time to soak your body in soothing and warm water, your stress will simply fade away, relaxing your mind and your muscles. When you are able to do this in your own home, you can dedicate the time necessary to make sure you are giving your body the downtime it needs. It allows for peaceful moments of reflection and simply the time to enjoy being outdoors.

One reason you may often feel stressed is due to poor sleep. In addition to reducing stress, hot tubs can help promote better sleep by dampening the symptoms of insomnia. Taking consistent soaks, especially in the evening, has been shown to help people achieve more restful and longer sleep.


Hot Tubs Improve Health

Another fact about hot tubs you may have been unaware of is you can incorporate aromatherapy oils into your hydrotherapy sessions. These oils allow for additional health and wellness for the body, mind, and spirit. Many people for years have found increased energy levels, improved focus, and more relaxation when using aromatherapy. This type of therapy has been used for decades to help heal ailments, with simply the use of botanical extract. Plenty of studies have also come out explaining how aromatherapy has been shown to help aid in a healthy lifestyle. You will find your physical and mental well being improved with the scents which contain active compounds boosting lovely chemicals in your brain. If you have a specific challenge you would like to combat, or would simply like to relax easier, there are different scents you can use to do just that.Hydropool has a variety of scents designed for hot tub usage, including:

  • Bergamot & Lemongrass
  • Chamomile
  • Ginger
  • Spearmint and Eucalyptus
  • Tangerine & Grapefruit
  • YlangYlang

Chronic Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain conditions such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel, arthritis, or other types of chronic pain, you can find relief in a hot tub soak. When you take the time to soak, your body will feel buoyancy from the bubbles and water, allowing one to feel weightless. This helps joints with improved range of motion while stretching muscles, improving strength, and increasing flexibility. You will also feel any tightness in your muscles and inflammation in your joints disappear. This is due to the increased blood circulation from the heated water.

Now that you are aware of just a few of the health benefits of owning a hot tub, you can rest assured that it will be a good investment for your health for many years to come.

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