Holistic Lifestyle Vision

Tips For Applying The Holistic Lifestyle Vision To Our Life

Obviously, each person assumes that his or her explanations about body, mind, society, education, health, and illness are correct. We believe that these explanations are conclusions that we have come to on our own and we do not ask for their origin. To conquer a holistic lifestyle vision, we have to make an effort and change our perspective.

The society is indoctrinating us permanently. The culture is transmitted through what we see in the movies, commercials, songs, and fashion. And that is the way in which, for example, the medical explanations take root in our mind. Only when we cultivate consciousness, we can find new paths.

The medical system is focused not on health but on disease and the prevention of this disease is not understood as the modification of the lifestyle that is causing symptoms. Even many alternative medicine practitioners who call themselves holists hold the same view. However, holism is about making great progress, thanks to the influence of concepts from Taoism and other Eastern cultures. The people have grown tired of invasive and drug solutions and diagnoses that look like sentences.

To understand the body in its multidimensionality and vibrational expressions and to promote the body’s healing intelligence with a healthy lifestyle, we need to adopt a holistic lifestyle.

For gaining holism and spirituality, we have to loosen, even temporarily, from that linear frame of reference. A holistic vision would change even the way of doing politics. Today’s schools focus on teaching logic, math and writing, but it would change the educational system.

The children need to learn meditation to avoid anxiety, to connect with their body, to develop their intuition and to sharpen their perception of the world. Schools need to teach peaceful conflict resolution and this would be a great contribution to peace.

If you adopt a multidimensional and holistic conception of the universe, you can stop identifying yourself with the physical body and cultivate your spiritual aspect, you will have a clearer sense of purpose and you will respect the planet and your neighbor more because you will stop seeing yourself and feel separated from the whole.

When the Chinese use the symbol T’ai chi it’s, they represent it as a circle with two complementary opposites that form the whole. The dark side represents the energy they call Yin and the light side represent the energy they call Yang, and there is a balance between these opposites. Each contains the seed of the other and as Yang grows to become black, the Yin grows to become white. This symbol is an excellent metaphor to explain that there are active and passive forces in the universe and that they complement each other to produce the totality.