Healthy Living for Married Couples

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Healthy Living for Married Couples: Three Easy Ways to Be Well Together

Marriage isn’t just about committing to your spouse – it’s also about committing to things together. And a healthy marriage is a happy marriage; the mood-boosting effects of physical wellness translate into higher levels of affection and contentment in a relationship. With that in mind, there’s no better commitment to make as a couple than staying in good health.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge, but with the support and encouragement of a loving partner, it’s surprisingly simple to integrate good habits into your routine. Here are three great ways for married couples to get healthy (and stay healthy!) together.

Massage: Relaxation for Body, Mind and Soul

Getting a back rub from your spouse is one of the most calming, intimate interactions a couple can have. Aside from feeling great, it fosters a sense of physical connection and emotional closeness that’s vital to a loving, communicative marriage. What’s more, massage therapy has been proven to provide a number of positive health effects, from stress relief to alleviating muscle tension to regulating digestion.

Committing to exchanging once- or twice-weekly therapeutic massages with your partner is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy together. Books and online videos are good resources for learning proper massage techniques. Meanwhile, a proper spa massage table you can find online can optimize technique and maximize sensation. And since massage provides an opportunity for couples to relax and appreciate each other’s company, it’ll strengthen your relationship as well as your physical well-being.

Healthy Eating: Fueling a Healthy Future Together

Eating wholesome, nutritious foods consistently is easier said than done, especially if you eat with others who aren’t on the same page with their diet. Couples who commit to cutting out the junk food as a unit are much more likely to succeed than those who are only half-invested. The same can be said for those going on a cleansing diet together, followed by more sustainable healthy eating habits. After all, it’s much easier to avoid empty calories and processed foods if nobody in the house is buying them!

Deciding to eat healthier doesn’t have to be a painful process. Try small steps first, and make them fun. If you both like sugary sodas, agree to replace them with water and have a little contest to see who can keep their soda-free streak going the longest. Or turn date night into an opportunity to dine at a health-conscious restaurant. Bonus: you’ll get some inspiration for delicious, nutritious dishes to cook at home too!

Exercise: Turn Dread into Desire

Regular exercise is vital to physical and psychological health, but it can be tough to stick to it even if you find an activity you enjoy. One of the best ways to motivate yourself to work out is to make exercise a joint activity between you and your spouse. You’ll look forward to it because it means spending time with the person you love, and you’ll feed off each other’s positive energies for an extra boost of motivation!

Working out with your partner opens up a world of new activities to try, too. Two-player sports like tennis and badminton make it fun to break a sweat by incorporating a dimension of friendly competition. Weightlifting at the gym is safer (and way more enjoyable!) when you have your spouse to spot for you. For those who prefer less strenuous exercises, couples’ yoga classes are becoming more and more popular thanks to their low-impact techniques and relaxing mental components. Whatever you choose, when you commit to exercising with your partner, you’ll both overcome that pre-workout dread and see how great it feels to get healthy together!