Fibroids & Excessive Body Weight in Women

Suffering from fibroids and gaining weight is surely a depressive and painful experience especially when it cannot be overcome easily. The life of a woman who is suffering from fibroid, really become so miserable and she just wants to get rid of it at any cost. Though it is not easy to get rid of it, yet it has proper solution and you don’t have to worry about it unnecessarily.

What Actually Cause Fibroid?

It is the condition in which you have masses of hard tissues of muscles which can be developed in your lungs, uterus and other body areas. The researchers have not been able to be 100% sure about a specific cause of development of fibroids in female body but as far as uterine fibroids are concerned, it is evidently proven that this is caused by high levels of estrogen. Anxiety, genetics and weight gain might also be blamed for formation of fibroids.

Is It Possible to Control Fibroids?

Yes, it is possible to control it as well as weight gain with the help of weight loss techniques and other workouts. The related signs, symptoms and problems can definitely be eliminated and it can be prevented to reoccur or reform in future.

Facts about Fibroids & Excessive Body Weight

  • Growth of Fibroid is associated with the rise in level of estrogen and its development can easily be activated during the period of pregnancy and this because of the fact that in pregnancy the level of estrogen gets elevated.
  • A major role is usually played by estrogen in the function and development of uterus fibroids as the fatty body cells are ideal place for estrogen to be flourishing as evidenced in premenopausal or menopausal female.
  • While women going through these situations, they are sure to gain weight in different parts of their bodies especially around the waist. A number of discussions have already been held to discuss the role of estrogen and it has been agreed and proven by a number of people that estrogen is the result of fat cells in the body.
  • This is also noticeable that the menopause is the period in which body produces less amount of estrogen but the calories stored in the body turned into fat which causes production of more estrogen. During the menopause, the less production of estrogen also results in disappearing of fibroids.

Fibroids Symptoms

There are various symptoms of fibroids and most common of them is weight gain which usually occurs in abdominal area and cause swelling.

The other symptoms of uterus fibroids include constipation, urination, pelvic pain, prolonged & hefty menstrual bleeding.

How to Control Fibroids

It is highly advisable to visit your doctor for proper diagnoses and treatment of fibroids. In addition to this, you should also follow some other tips to make it possible to cure your condition as soon as possible.

  • Follow doctors advice carefully
  • Try to prevent weight gain
  • Quit eating foods that cause fat storage in the body
  • Include fruits, vegetables, legumes and meat in your diet
  • Drink maximum amount of water throughout the day