Feast Your Fat Away Review

Reviewing Nate Miyaki’s Feast Your Fat Away program I found few super claims of eating your way thin with

  • No Starving
  • No Extensive Work Out
  • No crazy Diet Plans
  • No compromises on your Social Life

Whether these claims legitimate? This is an unbiased review of Feast Your Fat Away and will present you all the facts you need before buying this weight loss program by Nate Miyaki.

The Product Overview

Features of the Nate Miyaki’s Feast Your Fat Away Program

1. A Quick Start Up Guide
This guide has following features that not only guides you but also prepare you to use this program.

  • A list of things you need to have or do before getting on this program.
  • A body composition and target sheet to help you set your objectives based on your present weight and what you need to achieve in the long run.
  • A shopping guide to assist you select what you eat sensibly at any time.

2. 15 comprehensive but easy to follow lessons including

  • What to eat, and the importance of Paleo approach to diet. Additionally it include a cheat day per week, when you can consume any food you wish to.
  • The alternating feast lesson which stresses on understanding the scientific and psychological benefits of eating more in the evening.
  • Discovering the best meal frequency in day time. It provides 4 options from which the one that best fits for you. Consider regardless of feasting at night you need to eat during the day too.
  • Alternating fast. The relation between alternating feasting and fasting. Since you feast at night you need to skip breakfast and eat more towards lunch and evening meal.
  • In remaining lessons you will be learning the benefits of eating fat, fake foods and the danger they expose you to and best six foods that keeps you full for long hours.

3. Discount and 60 day money back guarantee
The program offers 45% discount on purchase and 60 day trial period with unconditional money back guarantee.

The Areas Feast Your Fat Away Pitches Into

Eat your biggest meal before bed. Nate Miyaki takes what is considered popular belief and stands it on its head. Feast Your Fat Away tells us to eat more at night.

He imply the logic, a bigger meal at nights makes it easy to eat smaller and lighter meals during the day. Additionally eating lesser in day increases your productivity and energy level to help you to stay focused and remain active.

Food has a direct effect on your overall energy level. You might be familiar with the lull in energy that comes after eating heavy meals, save this trick to help you sleep well at night.

Jacquelyn Rudis at Brown University wrote in an article in Bidmc.org (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center) that “The time of day you eat doesn’t affect how your body processes food. What matters is your total calorie intake and how much you exercise during the day.” Various Medical Journal show that eating less in day and saving your largest meal for evening actually help you to burn fat faster.

Author Review – The Credibility Of Nate Miyaki

Nate Miyaki a popular nutrition and fitness consultant at countless of companies, has been featured in various major publications including Men’s health, T Nation and Muscle and Fitness. His exceptional approach to weight loss, training, eating and nutrition has made him the right hand man in weight loss world.

The Pros of Feast Your Fat Away

  • The program comes with huge range of options to customize your program to fit your lifestyle and body needs.
  • The program doesn’t require any exercise or tough workout. Even if you do exercise, you don’t need to need to change or increase your workouts to get maximum results.
  • The program only asks you to make few changes in your diet that allows you to enjoy those foods you enjoy without sacrificing results.
  • There are options that allow you to dine out. So you don’t need to give up your addiction to alcohol at social gathering and parties.
  • You will get a cheat once a week to eat whatever you wish. I don’t remember any other program offering this.

The Cons of Feast Your Fat Away

  • Like every other program, Feast Your Fat Away is not a miracle or magic pill for weight loss. You need a desire and plan to get maximum results.
  • It is not a get thin quick guide that let you lose instant weight in a week or less.
  • It requires effort and consistency on your part to see the desired results.
  • It is not a one size fits all program. So you need to spend some time for homework to find what suits you with this program.

Final Verdict – Is Feast Your Fat Away By Nate Miyaki a Scam?

Although, it looks as money making marketing ploy to thinning away your pocket rather than your belly, the program Feast Your Fat Away By Nate Miyaki is a legitimate program. It is one of the most innovative and scientifically proven methods available in the market today. The author’s credibility and confidence can be proven by its 60 days unconditional 100% money back guarantee. Might not be a magic bullet for those who are struggling to lose fats and weight, but it is a legitimate program that does work.