Earth4Energy Review

Now people have to pay huge bills every month on account of their electricity bills and these bills are getting higher every month because of energy crises all around the globe. To tackle with this program many companies and individuals have come into the battlefield to fight against this inflation hulk. Energy crisis is a common problem for everyone and a number of systems have been developed and introduced to resolve this problem. Out of many others, the earth4energy is one of such programs and it provides experts guidance to help people build solar panels or wind power generators at their homes.

What is Earth4energy?

Earth4Energy is an informative program which teaches people how to install solar panel systems or wind turbine by following steps by steps instructions.

  • Earth4Energy has everything you might need to generate solar energy and you will learn everything under the guidance of experts who will let you know what you must do and what you must avoid.
  • You will follow the instructions and utilize the equipments easily available within your range. You don’t have to pay huge prices for buying tools and other equipments.
  • Once your plant begins processing, you will no longer have to pay heavy bills of electricity and most importantly this will all be under the law of your country.
  • You will get a DIY Solar BLUEPRINT which has been designed from the ground up so everyone who wishes to provide clean source of energy to his family can use it.
  • The solar plant will enable you to charge batteries which will provide you electricity for twenty four hours even after the sunset.
  • When you get access to the program components, you will learn everything such as the type of material you need and the places where you can buy it; how to install a small system with expandable features; techniques to make an ideal size of the plant; secured ways to store energy sources for the future.

Components of the Entire Package

You will get plenty of charts, diagrams, and tables which will enable you to follow the program very easily. The complete package include the following components

  • Earth 4 Energy DIY Solar Plans
  • Earth 4 Energy 8 Video Series
  • Solar Sizing Calculator
  • DIY Wind Turbine Plans
  • DIY Solar Hot Water Plans

About John Hartman

John Hartman is the developer of this system. He is a 42 years old man who lives in South Carolina with his wife and two daughters. He is one of those who are always worried about the inflammation and soaring prices of the everyday used items necessary to spend a better life including electricity.

When he realized that he can neither pay huge electricity bills, nor can ask his family to live in the dark, he decided to capture solar energy and his efforts brought him good fruits.

Free Bonuses

John Hartman lives in America and this part of the world has always been under natural disasters or terrorist attacks. Therefore, he has added few additional bonuses with the Earth4Energy program to help people get ready for the difficult times. These bonuses are as follows:

  1. Off grid power back-up guide
  2. DIY water purification plans
  3. Survival Plants


  • You need to setup your own power plant in part of a land which has easy access for sunlight and wind.
  • This kind of power plant is ideal for small families but if the requirement of energy is too much this may not be useful for them if not expanded.
  • It might not be easy for everyone to install this kind of plant without the proper understanding.


  • By using this way you can contribute your role in saving this plant earth as you will get clear source of energy
  • You will greatly reduce the bills and the money you save can use for other necessaries of the life such as the higher education of your children.
  • The guide contains detailed charts and diagrams and everything has been mentioned very clearly
  • The guide will help you build wind generator as well which will cost you just $100.
  • You will also get solar sizing calculator another useful tool.
  • You would love the 24/7 email coaching program and this will enable you to get the answer each question you have in your mind.
  • The entire process is legal.

Verdict – Earth4Energy Scam?

Overall this system has so much attraction as you can get clean sources of energy and save lots of your hard-earned money. This system has already been tested by a good number of people in the United States and almost all of them are satisfied with its performance. The most important thing about this product is that you will be given a full money back guarantee for sixty days.