Customized Fat Loss Review

Customized Fat Loss is Kyle Leon’s web based application comprising a mixture of diet plan and exercise workouts for a specific type of body. It helps in calculating the nutrition requirement of a person and suggests suitable diet. This program contains a database of 1400 foods that helps in optimizing fat loss by fulfilling the body’s need only.


Customized Fat Loss – Description & Review

Customized Fat Loss by Kyle Leon has been prepared on the idea that one diet and exercise program might work for one individual, but may not for the other one.

  • Therefore, the program takes the information of the user’s height, physique, body type, weight, and age and checks his/her regular nutrition intake and workout.
  • Afterwards, the software finds out the requirement of nutrition and suggests the type of nutrition he/she should take in and the exercise he/she should perform with weekly frequency.


About Kyle Leon

Kyle Leon, also known as the ‘Muscle Maximizer’ is an athlete and an expert nutritionist. Known as Lanky Leo in his school life, he was skinny and lean. He was always left last at sports and at self-esteem too. Kyle Leon dared to attain his perfect body and now he is a model for bodybuilders.



  • The first bonus is ‘Customized Fat loss Training’ which contains exercise workout training.
  • The second bonus ‘Customized Fat Loss Supplement’ which suggests supplements with foods to optimize weight loss.
  • The third bonus is ‘Peak in a Weak’ which is a 10-page ebook.



The product comes with 2-month 100% money back guarantee.

Cons of Kyle Leon’s Program

  • It can leave you with overloaded information with its heavy dose of content.
  • This plan lacks exercises for future body maintenance. Obviously, one would need to keep body balanced after completing this program.
  • It is unsuitable for new or inexperienced users.
  • It requires diet and exercises both for efficient results.


Pros of Kyle Leon’s Program

  • It offers a great deal of 1400 foods that give variety and newness everyday.
  • It targets the individuality of a person and deals every one differently.
  • This diet plan can be used by any person of any age or gender.
  • It is easy and user-friendly program.
  • It is a tested and proven method of weight loss.
  • You can use it for fast or slow weight loss as it all depends on your choice and requirement.
  • It is a complete package that saves thousands of dollars of the user.


Is Customized Fat Loss a Kyle Leon Scam?

Customized Fat Loss is designed by Kyle Leon who is an expert in the field as he is so confident about his program that he offers 100% money back guarantee which ensures that Customized Fat Loss is a legit program. It has excelled simple, customizable and easy weight loss strategies and the users will not get bored with it as it comes with a lot of variety.


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