Complications Caused by Fibroids during Pregnancy

Those female who are going to have babies or wish to have one might get completely disappointed if they are diagnosed with fibroids as this condition can be extremely tough for them. However, there are various exemplary cases in which pregnant women were diagnosed with fibroids but successfully gave birth to their babies with no complications at all. Therefore, it can be said that fibroids are not always complicated for all women but there are still some risks and complications which must be kept in mind.

Early Stage of Pregnancy

There are various risk involved in the process of pregnancy because of fibroids such as the bleeding which is quite common issue and the risk of miscarriage. The submucosal fibroid brings various problems especially in early stage of pregnancy. The submucosal fibroid is a type of fibroids which occurs under uterus linings and its presence can bring various complications in implantation process and the growth of placenta can also be effected with it.

Premature Labor

In some cases, the fibroids can become extremely serious especially when a pregnant woman reaches to the advanced level of pregnancy where baby and fibroids both increase their sizes. The increase in size can also increase the risk of premature labor which is because of the fact that the growing fibroid tries to take more space in uterus while the growing size of baby also covers up the space in uterus. This condition prevents the baby to grow easily and in many cases, the baby goes out of the way and the mother has to face premature labor before the expected date.

Cesarean Section

The more serious complications and problems can occur because of presence of fibroids and one of such complication is known as Cesarean Section. In some cases, the baby has to on a breech position or has to lie in transverse position and this position does not allow the baby to progress in birth canal. If the baby has taken the correct position in birth canal, the fibroid might also create blockage to the birth canal which will prevent the baby to enter into the canal. In both of the conditions, there is a risk of cesarean section.

Other Risks

There are various other serious risks involved in pregnancy with fibroids such as the loss of uterus ability to contract effectively after delivery, postpartum hemorrhaging, and expulsion of placenta. The risk and complications mentioned above all are of serious nature and if a woman is afraid of them, she is right as these conditions must require immediate medical attention, care and treatment.


No doubt, fibroid is a condition which may disturb anyone but there is still a ray of hope and that is the correct diagnoses of the problem. It is really important to know the size, location and natural of the problem before you start worrying about it as there are various cases in which the patent did not go through even a single complication and this is because of the type of fibroids.