Breast Pain Causes in Women

8 Most Common Breast Pain Causes In Women

Most women, of all ages, confirm that they have felt breast pain at some stage of their lives. Pain in breast is also known as mastalgia and can occur both before and after menopause. However, it is more common in women who menstruate, especially when they are younger.

The degree of pain as well as where it occurs may vary. It can occur in both breasts, just one of them or even in the armpit. In addition, severity can range from mild to severe. For example, it may be a burning-like feeling or something closer to the tightness in the breast tissue.

In any case, these are some breast pain causes in women which we will talk about in this post. Remember that if you suffer from discomfort in your breast, you should visit the doctor for a professional evaluation.

1 – Cysts

The breasts change according to shape and size, and depending on that some may suffer from more risk than others to feel pain and one of these conditions are breast cysts. They are nothing more than sacks full of liquid and may or may not cause pain. These cysts usually enlarge during the menstrual cycle and disappear once the menopause is reached.

2 – Medicines

Some medications may contribute to its onset such as infertility treatments, the birth control pill or antidepressants, among others. The women who are on medication feel pain in the breast should consult their doctor.

3 – Surgery

Having a breast surgery can generate pain as well. And it is the formation of scar tissue that can lead to pain.

4 – Costochondritis

It is a type of arthritis and it occurs where the ribs and sternum join together. Although this condition is not related to the breast, the pain caused can be confused.

5 – Fibrocystic Changes

Premenopausal women and those on hormone therapy after menopause may develop lumps or experience swelling due to fluid accumulation. This harmless condition is called fibrocystic changes and causes some discomfort.

6 – Mastitis

Mastitis is a painful infection of the breast and is more common in women who breastfeed, since milk conduit is obstructed. However, it not only occurs in women who are breastfeeding. Fever, tiredness, and aches are the symptoms of mastitis, but there may also be changes in the breasts such as redness or swelling.

7 – Bra

It can also be caused by a bra that does not suit. Sometimes, too tight or too loose fasteners are used, leaving the breasts held incorrectly, so the lack of proper support can lead such pain.

8 – Breast Cancer

Most breast cancers do not cause pain. Although inflammatory breast cancer and some tumors can lead to discomfort. Remember that if you feel this kind of discomfort, you should go to the doctor immediately to rule out serious problems.