Custom-Tailored Medication for Every Need: 8 Advantages of Pharmacy Compounding

Pharmacy Compounding

It is amazing how pharmacy compounding continues to increase in popularity as people learn about its capabilities and benefits. In simple terms, compounding is a blend of both science and art in order to establish customized medication for patients. In this process, a pharmacist who is well-trained takes the prescription of a physician and mixes the individualized ingredients to create something which is tailored to the patient. Using pharmacy compounding, the pharmacist works closely with the patient and the physician to ensure the unique medical needs of the patient are met. If you are wondering about specifics, below are some of the benefits associated with this technique, in no particular order.

  1. Creation of Discontinued Medications

When medications are discontinued by large manufacturers, it becomes difficult for the patients who still require the medications to acquire their prescriptions. In this case, pharmacy compounding comes in handy as the pharmacist plays a crucial role in ensuring access to the discontinued drugs by establishing pharmaceutical-based ingredients to make sure the patient receives the care they need. Today, pharmacies that compound drugs can access the highest quality ingredients and are in a position to fill a patient’s prescription using a quality control process, latest research, and techniques which help to meet the needs of the patient.

  1. Compounded Drugs can be relatively Cheaper

Although different factors affect the cost of compounded drugs – including the amount of time invested in their productions as well as the equipment used in preparing the medication – the pharmacists can easily access chemicals of high quality that are offered at a lower cost. Pharmaceuticals of higher quality imply lower doses of drugs, which in turn means less expensive drugs. Moreover, by eliminating any preservatives and designer dyes patented by a particular manufacturing firm, compounded drugs can end up costing less compared to their commercial counterparts.

Pharmacy Compounding

  1. Compounded Medications are Easier to Use

Some pharmaceutical drugs usually have a flavor which is very unpleasant, making it difficult for the patients to take the medication as is directed by the physician. With this in mind, a compounding professional can create the prescription required by the patient from scratch with the type of flavor required. The preparation of flavored drugs is usually important for patients who may be finding it difficult to take some drugs, such as elderly patients, children, and pets. Once the medication is produced in the desired flavor, patients will be able to take them with ease, thus contributing to their recovery process.

  1. Convenience With regard to Multiple Prescriptions

With pharmacy compounding, it becomes easier and convenient for patients to take multiple prescriptions. This is because pharmaceutical companies can combine different prescriptions into one dose.  Multiple pills consolidation makes it unlikely that a patient will forget to take their drugs. Additionally, having a single pill as opposed to multiple also minimizes the chances that the patient will skip their medication by making prescriptions much easier to manage.

  1. Alternative Dosage Forms

Depending on personal preferences, a patient may require their medication in various form. For example, if a patient is finding it difficult to swallow a pill, they may find it suitable to take the medication in its liquid form. Apart from that, some drug can be compounded in a topical form – gel or cream, allowing for absorption of the medicine into the bloodstream via the skin.  As a company dealing with the production of drugs, you can offer these medications in different dosage forms depending on the patient’s method of compliance.

  1. Allergy-Friendly Medication

Sensitivity, allergy, and patient’s intolerance of lactose, alcohol, gluten, or dyes can lead to unwanted reaction once certain medications have been taken. In some cases, medications which are available commercially can contain excipients including preservatives and fillers which a patient may not be able to tolerate due to allergies and sensitivities. Pharmacy compounding allows for the creation of a formula without these offensive ingredients, making it possible for patients to still obtain their treatment.

  1. Unique Services Not Offered By Other Pharmacy Chains

The compounding niche offers to provide the patient with services they can’t obtain elsewhere. Compounding takes care of the patient’s needs and answers any question they have regarding some particular drugs they take. So with this technique, the pharmacist can have an idea of where to being when creating medications for customized usage. With the use of their extensive knowledge in drugs, the pharmacists can create medications that offer unique treatment plans, including treatment for unusual or resistant maladies which the traditional medicine has failed.

  1. Prevents Splitting of Tablets

Another benefit of pharmacy compounding is that the pharmaceutical company can produce medications in their right dosages, to prevent you from having to split tablets every time you want to take your medications. For instance, a drug may only be available in a 50mg and 25mg tablet. Yet, the physician may prescribe a dosage of 40mg which is not available in its single form. As a result, this forces you to split the tablet in hope of getting the correct dose as prescribed by the doctor. To avoid these kinds of scenarios, pharmacy compounding can help create a drug with the right dosage. That way, you’ll not need to worry about taking too much or too little medicine. Moreover, creating the right dosage helps to prevent wastefulness which could be as a result of the splitting of the tablets.


So, why is the existence of the compounding pharmacies important? When it comes to matters of health, being aware of the possible option allows a patient to make an informed decision regarding their health and regarding the medications, they want to consume. As a patient, knowing the compounding pharmacies available in your area can prove to be beneficial to you and your loved ones especially in a situation where a particular medication can’t be bought. While some believe compounded drugs have some risks, it’s worth remembering that the compounding pharmacies are regulated by the pharmacy boards while the US FDA has begun taking essential steps towards drug regulation. Therefore, the risk of pharmacy compounding outweigh the risks in more ways than one. You can visit The Compounding Centre Pharmacy for more details regarding pharmacy compounding.