Essentials: 7 Natural Products for Health and Beauty That You Need

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Everyone wants their look to be the best it can be. However, a natural look is hard to obtain when using products chock full of toxins and unpronounceable ingredients. When it comes to your skin’s health, opt for all-natural ingredients that promote a healthy glow.

The latest trend in beautiful skin is a hyaluronic acid serum. This compound is an antitoxin and can help to promote clear, plump, healthy skin. This natural anti-aging lotion works with the moisture already located in the skin. It smooths and refines rough texture, leaving behind a much more subtle, plump looking skin.

Below is a list of 7 natural products for health and beauty anyone and everyone, no matter what their skin type, can use to gain a beautiful healthy glow.    

  1. 8 Essential Oils and Bluetooth Diffuser Set 400ML

Every home should invest in an essential oil diffuser. And since many people spend so much time in an office, there is a good argument for placing an essential oil diffuser where you work as well.

A cool mist aromatherapy diffuser helps to create an atmosphere of health and relaxation. When paired with a Bluetooth, a good diffuser will play music and contain an alarm for the ultimate bedside accessory.

This particular Bluetooth diffuser is a lightweight, high-quality, with a zero-heat processor, which means it ensures safety for pets and children. Add the eight essential oils for your best health, and this is one of the best deals for feeling great throughout the day and night.

Choose from combinations of essential oils like Lemongrass, Lavender oil, Rosemary, Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and Peppermint oils.

  1. Foot Spa

For those individuals who are on their feet all day, or if you have a medical condition that creates sore, achy feet, this foot spa is the best cure. Athletes, wait staff, doctors, teachers, and anyone who abuse their feet with work or exercise. This spa for your feet is a wonderful soak in whirling bubbles and gentle jets.

With over 32 joints, over 100 ligaments, and over 25 bones, your feet need to be taken care of when they work so hard for you. Even if you are at your optimum weight, your feet take hundreds of pounds of pressure with every step.

At the bottom of the spa bowl is several rollers and bumps that allow you to rub your feet and sore spots to maximize relief. This foot spa features a handle for portability, a built-in digital display, and an advanced PTC temperature and heat control. Add all-natural oils and enjoy an infused soak to rejuvenate your tired feet and you will be feeling better in no time.

  1. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Just as no home or office should be without a diffuser, an authentic Himalayan salt lamp is another must-have item for a healthy home and family. The best Himalayan salt lamp allows for dimming during the evening hours for the best sleep. This one comes mounted on a wood base with a wall plug in the back to make the most of its attractiveness.

This large salt lamp contains between 5 and 6 pounds of 100 percent pure pink Himalayan salt crystal. Carved from the Khewra mine in Pakistan, this beautiful lamp brings the natural beauty of the outdoors into your living or work space.

  1. Retinol Serum

Many dermatologists recommend using a retinol serum each night to help reverse the aging process. Retinol serum is a powerful dark circle eraser, fine line filler, and anti-wrinkle exfoliator. The natural antioxidants within the retinol boost collagen production to help repair and firm your skin while you sleep.

Combine this serum with Hyaluronic Acid and your skin will be deeply moisturized in the morning. Other skin, helping ingredients includes Vitamin E, Wheat Germ, Aloe Vera, and Jojoba Oil.

  1. De-tangling Hair Brush Kit

It doesn’t matter if your hair is thick or fine, everyone experiences tangles now and then. Individuals that roll around in their sleep seem to experience the most knots in their hair each morning.

To combat the matted hair, use a detangling hairbrush kit. This kit contains two different brushes to help remove and keep tangles away. These brushes are designed to minimize cuticle damage and hair breakage.

You can opt to use these brushes on dry hair or in the shower with a conditioner. Whichever way you decide to use these ergonomically designed brushes, you will experience pain-free hair brushing and detangling.

The design of the bristles helps to unfurl tangles effortlessly when used in a downward motion.

  1. Beard and Stache Balm

One of the biggest trends for men is the appearance of beards and mustaches. Many men don’t realize there are special products formulated to help care for their coarse facial hair.

Many men experience rough, itchy, and dry beards and mustaches. Now there is a specially formulated balm for mustaches and beards.

This thick balm contains a blend of compounds and oils like Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Mango butter, and Vitamin E, A and C. Many of these ingredients promote new healthy hair growth. Additionally, beeswax is included to seal in the moisture and keep the hairs controlled and shiny.

  1. Best Blends, Essential Oils Bundle

If you are unsure which essential oils are best for you and your family, purchase a Best Blends Bundle. There are several different bundles of essential oils to choose from and each comes with a free cool air mist diffuser.

The bundles come with six of the most popular essential oils, so you can find the ones that work well for you and your family. Add a second bundle of six feature oils and you will have a wide variety of essential oils that will help keep your family at its healthiest.

If you want that natural look, search for products that contain all natural, healthy ingredients. And you don’t have to pay high prices to appear and feel better. Check out the daily specials and save some money on the items that will help you look and feel your best every day.