Contrary to Popular Opinion: 7 Marijuana Myths That Are Still Perpetuated Today

Marijuana Myths

For the past hundred years, marijuana has been demonized in the United States. In movies like Reefer Madness, it was depicted as a drug that made teens hyperactive and crazy, perhaps even homicidal. It has long been portrayed as a symbol of the counterculture, whether it was associated with African-Americans and the jazz movement of the ‘20s, the Beats of the 50’s, or the hippies in the 60’s. Marijuana has been regarded as “the wacky weed,” something used by losers going nowhere in their lives. While some of the feelings regarding cannabis have changed in the past 20-30 years, there are still some myths that are going strong today.

Only Losers Use Marijuana

It is true that too much consumption of marijuana can lead to apathy and a lack of initiative. But many successful, creative, highly-motivated people use marijuana occasionally. Just like alcohol, the truth is that infrequent marijuana use does not have a detrimental effect on anyone’s life.

There Aren’t Legitimate Medical Uses For Marijuana

This is a premise that has long been pushed by the tobacco lobby, which has wanted cannabis to remain illegal. However, if you learn about Vireo Health and other dispensaries, you’ll see that this is false. They provide many cannabis products that are tremendously helpful for those suffering from debilitating diseases.

Marijuana Is A Gateway Drug

It is true that some people who started out using marijuana “graduated” to harder and more dangerous substances. However, the vast majority of people who have experimented with marijuana or even that use it regularly don’t make the jump to heroin, crack, or anything along those lines.

Smoking Marijuana Makes You Paranoid

Some people experience feelings of paranoia when they smoke. However, that is far from guaranteed, and the likelihood that it will have this effect has much more to do with the person smoking it than with the substance itself. Also, as long as marijuana remains illegal and people continue to use it, that’s ample reason for paranoia. Eliminate the illegality, and much of the fear will dissipate.

Prohibition Protects Kids

This is simply an absurd notion. Marijuana, if used responsibly, is no more dangerous than alcohol, which is legal. If you’re taking care of your kids, or if you’re babysitting, then you should not ingest substances of any kind. If you’re going to do so recreationally, it should be on your own time, with no children present. That is the best way to protect them.

Marijuana Causes Cancer

The smoking of anything is unhealthy, but a couple of hits off a joint every Saturday night is hardly likely to give you cancer. If you’re that concerned about the effects of smoking marijuana, but you want the medicinal or the recreational benefits, you can always use one of the balms, edibles, or one of the many other forms on the market.

Marijuana Leads to Delinquency and Crime

Crime and delinquency have strong socio-economic indicators, meaning that they are not caused by marijuana. If a particular segment of society is miserable because they can’t pay their bills, afford nice houses, or send their children to college, then they are likely to self-medicate, which is why so many in the lower class use marijuana. However, marijuana use is just as prevalent in the middle and upper classes.

There is a sea change surrounding marijuana, as for the first time in this country the majority of citizens favor outright legalization. Whether it will remain a state issue or whether there will be nationwide legalization remains to be seen. What is undeniable is that there are still certain sectors that continue to disseminate false information about marijuana and its perceived dangers.