When Conventional Medicine Fails: 7 Alternative Cancer Treatments to Consider


Cancer is often thought of as a grim prognosis. However, it is not always considered to be as dire as it once was. There are many different treatments for cancer that have come to the forefront of the public consciousness in recent years, including many that are considered unconventional or “alternative.” Let’s glance at some of the most popular ones right now.


Yoga is a disciple that goes far beyond exercise. It also involves deep breathing and the increase of flexibility. People with cancer can find stress relief through it, as well as the reduction of fatigue. Individuals who attend yoga classes regularly also report that they sleep more soundly.

Tai Chi

Like yoga, tai chi is a discipline that involves deep breathing and gentle movements. An instructor can teach tai chi, or those in the advanced stages of cancer who are partially incapacitated can also practice it by watching videos in their homes and following along. Because tai chi does not require great strength, it is perfect for cancer patients. However, always be sure to consult with a doctor before attempting it.

Music Therapy

Music therapy for cancer patients might involve listening to music in a controlled setting, or it might be about the writing of music. It might mean the singing of songs together with friends and family, or alone. It might mean playing instruments. Music has long been regarded as a cure-all for many medical conditions, and cancer is no exception.


Meditation is a relaxing way to focus the mind and body regardless of your condition. For those with cancer, it is a way to quiet the mind and concentrate on positive thoughts. Many believe that meditation can be a way to banish the negativity and fear that might come about with a cancer diagnosis.

Medical Marijuana

There are more people these days who are using various cannabis products to treat some of the symptoms associated with cancer. There are creams, balms, and many other items for those who prefer not to smoke. You can visit Clear Choice today or one of the other dispensaries that carry such products. With the research that is being done on marijuana, new products are coming out all the time.


For some cancers, a soothing massage can be helpful. The kneading of the muscles, skin, and tendons can promote relaxation and reduce fatigue and stress. It can be particularly useful in conjunction with other treatments. Lots of cancer centers have massage therapists on staff.


Some people believe that hypnosis can help cancer patients. During a hypnotherapy session, the patient can try to banish the stress and pain with which they are dealing. It can also help with anticipatory nausea or vomiting if you are doing chemotherapy. Hypnosis should only be administered by a licensed, professional therapist.

For cancer patients that are looking for additional treatments besides chemo, it is not necessary to stop with one of these. Some people prefer to use several of them in conjunction to get the best possible results.