5 Exercises to Lengthen Your Limbs

Everyone wants that he or she should be 1-4 inches taller than their actual height. Those who are short want to grow tall, those who are tall, want to grow taller and those who are even taller, want to grow the tallest. This is what many people want to do as they never get completely satisfied with their current body position.

Why One Wants to Grow Taller?

This dissatisfaction and frustration is because of many reasons. It might be your dream to become a model or movie star, sportsman, a solider or because of your social circle of friends where you are joked at only because of your height if the others are taller than you are.

Grow Taller Exercises

If you are one of them and still spending the days of your youthful, you can give a try to few tips which can help you lengthen your limbs and get extra inches in your height. There are some very good exercises which you can try to eliminate your dissatisfaction. These are mentioned below and might seem to be extremely simple but you will be amazed to see their benefits in height growth.

1) Swimming

Top of all is swimming which is a great fun but while you are doing it, it stresses all your limbs in body and the result comes in form of visible growth in height. For you, the best swimming style is breaststroke which you can do about 12-15 minutes. If you can perform 5 sets of the same duration, this will be really great. However, make sure that you always take a break of 5 minutes between two sets.

2) Jumping

Jumping can be done in different styles such as jumping from the level of ground to a bench before then coming back to the ground. You should do it repeatedly. This can be done with one or both legs during jumps. Jump 10 times before you take rest and then do the second set of 10 jumps. It is better to have 3 sets.

There is one more type of jump appropriate for this purpose. In this style you can simply stand on a particular spot and jump as high as possible for you. The same sets as mentioned above.

3) Kicking

If you kick repeatedly, this will put the amount of pressure on your shin & thigh bone that is required to strengthen your bones. There are various styles of kicking but two are basic and will help you grow taller.

4) Front Snap Kick

Raise your one leg (right) while your thigh should be parallel to ground. Then move your knee to make a rapid snap kick. This technique does not require lots of lots of hard working.

5) Straight kick

The other kicking style is straight kick and to perform this kick, you need to raise your leg up straight. This is quite simple and you can simply do it with both of your legs. Twenty kicks for each leg would be good enough.