5 Easy Exercises to Stay Fit in Pregnancy

Stay Fit in Pregnancy

Improving the fitness level for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby is an essential task for any expectant women. Additionally, the exercises keep the body moving, energy levels high and mood swings in control. So with right exercises, the 9-month period can be lived with extra energy and perfect health.

This post discusses the best 5 exercises which have countless benefits in pregnancy. Doing these workouts or exercises will help you keep the body fit, sleep regulated, weight maintained and muscles strong. If you are avoiding any of them, begin from today.


Walking is the safest and most simple exercise for pregnant ladies. For those, who are not into exercising and other physical workouts, walking is a great exercise, to begin with.

It fits busy schedules and does not require any extra equipment or helping elements. Also, the location or other environment factors cannot affect or obstruct you from exercising!

Walking is perfect for any trimester of your pregnancy.

Note: The weight you have gained during pregnancy and baby bump may disturb your balance while moving. So, walk on smooth roads with flat footwear. Avoid rocky or uneven roads for preventing the injuries or falling.


Squatting is a quite simple exercise, bring along many benefits. It helps during labor by opening the pelvic outlet of the pregnant women and therefore eases down the process of bringingyour baby to the world.

For squatting, keep your feet apart by shoulder width and start moving down in the squat position. Do not lean at all, keep the back straight. Also, keep the heels on the floor.

Note: You can hold in the same position for 10 to 30 seconds at once. Take regular breaks between squats and avoid excessive squats.


Kegel is an excellent exercise for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles and therefore diminishing the labor pain. Your goal while doing Kegel should be contracting pelvic floor muscles for short time periods. Throughout the day, you can do this exercise several times irrespective of where you are.

In the beginning, you can hold and relax these muscles for 5-5 seconds alternatively. When it becomes easy for you – increase the durations to 10 seconds along with the frequencies.

Note: It is recommended to do 3 sets of 20 Kegels a day during pregnancy.


If you use to swim or know how to swim, then there is nothing an ideal work-out as swimming to keep the body fit during the pregnancy.

The weightlessness and absolutely no chances of falling help you in creating a baby-safe environment for yourself. The joints are not carrying pressure as you move and it allows easy movements in the water. You can swim or dance in water whichever you like as it is completely safe.

However, it is advised to avoid to warm or hot pools due to the negative impact of higher temperatures on your unborn baby.

Note: Choose easy and harmless strokes which do not cause any harm to any part of your body like neck, back or muscles. Also, don’t go for diving or jumping from higher levels into the water in order to avoid extra impact on the abdominal.

Steady Cycling

Without putting much weight on your joints, stationary cycling can sweat you well. The location-related problems and risk of falling, which may affect the normal cycling exercise – do not affect the steady cycling.

To maintain good balance, you can grab the handles of your bicycle. Riding a bicycle is safe and good for pregnancy and therefore it is a part of this Best Exercise List.

Even if you are not a regular pre-pregnancy rider, the stationary cycle can be easily operated by anyone.

Note: Stop when the heartbeat is excessively high. Avoidpaddling too fast in order toregulate the breathing normally.

All the exercises, which are discussed above are easy, least resource consuming and fast. Exercising 30 minutes a day (at least 3-4 days a week) can vanish many of your problems and energy issues, which are common during the pregnancy.

Do not forget to maintain a proper and healthy diet with these exercises for complete benefits!