4 Useful Measures to Prevent Kidney Stones

A solid piece of concrete or crystal formed in kidney itself or in other parts of the urinary tract is called calcium oxalate kidney stone and medically known as renal calculi.

A kidney stone can be as much little as a particle of sand or as big as golf ball. Small sized stone usually goes unnoticed because it causes no pain. However, a big sized stone can cause unbearable pain in the body. Men reach their 40s are more likely to be at a risk to develop kidney stones, whereas women are on a safer side.

How to prevent kidney stones

Formation of kidney stones can be prevented by making some changes in our lifestyle. These are some measures to prevent formation of kidney stones.

1 – Drinking Water

Lack of drinking water causes to form kidney stones. Drinking lots of water can be the best measure to prevent them. Therefore daily intake of water should be increased to minimum 8 glasses of water a day to avoid concentrate in urine which leads to crystals.

2 – Lemon Juices

Lemon juices can decrease the risk of developing these stones. This will clean and clear out the crystals and other substances in the urine and decrease the chances of developing kidney stones.

3 – Avoid alcohol, soda, coffee & grapefruit juice

Avoid drinking too much of alcohol, soda, coffee, grapefruit juices and other carbonated drinks which increase the risk of dehydration and cause formation of kidney stones.

4 – Pork and Beef Meat

Proteins we receive from the animal especially from pork and beef meat also increase the risk of getting stones.