30 Minute Beginner Yoga

Beginner Yoga

Yoga For Beginners: Home Workout

Yoga is a great way to work on the body and the inner state. If you want to study, but you cannot, for one reason or another, attend a yoga school, you can safely survey at home. Program home workout – read in our material.

Yoga is a real find for those who want to find harmony between body, soul, and spirit. So, with the help of constant practice, you can become flexible, tighten the body, and find peace of mind. Yes, yoga is not the best choice if your goal is to lose weight or pump up the ass, but it is ideal for knowing yourself.

Recently, you can often hear about the fact that asana for yoga should be selected independently, building individual training. This is true. However, it cannot concern beginners. After all, any wrong movement can bring no harm to the body, but harm. Admit it, not the best prospect.

If we talk about the ideal course of events, then it is advisable to work with an experienced trainer for the first month to understand the essence and technique of performing asana, and then switch to home mode. Be that is the man, if there is no such probability- do not worry, study the technique well, watch them and go ahead. In yoga, the main thing is not to allow unpleasant sensations, remember this. All movements should be carried out smoothly, without jerks, “inside” asana you should be comfortable.

Editorial WANTU.ua offers you a morning complex of yoga asana, which you must perform every day during the first two weeks of your practice. They will help your body get a little comfortable and understand how to behave.

Tadasana is the basis of all poses that are performed standing. It improves posture, removes all the clamps in the back. The most critical thing in completing this exercise is to distribute the load throughout the foot evenly (not on the heel, not on the toe, but consistently).

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Become straight, your legs together (heels and socks should touch), slightly pull in the buttocks, just like the belly. Your legs should be perfectly level, speaking in this exercise is the real support. Pull the case up to the maximum, trying to “reach the ceiling.” Feel every inch of your spine. Hold the exercise for five cycles of breathing (deep breath, exhale).

This asana is also very useful for the spine. Also, she develops legs and teaches balance. Stand in Tadasana, stay in it for two cycles of breathing, then bend your right leg, take it by the heel and put it at the base of the left thigh. To make it easier for you to keep balance, pull the buttocks, hands, palm together, to the palm above the head. At the same time, you, like a tree, must stretch your spine to the sky.

Do Tadasana, then spread your legs a little wider than shoulders, arms apart. Make sure that they are at shoulder level (not higher, not lower). Unscrew the right foot completely, and “wrap” the left a little. This is your starting position.

As you exhale, lean towards your right foot. Note that the slope should be completely lateral, without bending forward or backward. The legs at the same time – perfectly smooth. Drop down as you will, putting your right hand on the calf muscle, while the left side should look up.

Hold the pose for three cycles of breathing and gently return to the starting position, then perform the same on the other leg.

The pose of the corpse, despite the apparent lightness, is considered one of the most challenging exercises in yoga. Its essence is total relaxation. And we, unfortunately, do not know how to do this. In the first two weeks, you will devote the most time to just Shavian. So, it is performed at the end of any yoga class and lasts at least five minutes.

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Lie on the floor on the back, arms slightly apart, legs – shoulder-width apart. Try to take a comfortable position and relax. Yogis advise to “throw” all thoughts out of my head to learn how to do this, concentrate on your breath: watch how you breathe in and out. And with each cycle of breathing, relax more and more. This is a rather tricky task. To make it easier, turn on some relaxing music. At first, stay in Shavian for 10-15 minutes. You need to learn how to relax so that further practice will be successful.