3 Common Mistakes during Pregnancy

Some women are crazy to be a mother; if you are from those women, it is so nice. It is true that your hubby is also waiting for those moments when there will be a cute baby in your lap. On the other hand, you are also showing impatience in this regard, but no worries that it will take approximately 36 to 40 weeks.

Your baby will be the best example of love between you and your hubby since some philosophers and thinkers express that baby is the key to strong love between wife and her partner. There are some mistakes about pregnancy that cost you and consequently miscarriage can be there.

Mistakes During Pregnancy

Mistakes in this article are divided into THREE parts and it is important for you to be fully aware of them, so that there will be no inconvenience during pregnancy.

1. Your Movements during Pregnancy

In the first trimester, you are suggested to take a look your movements throughout day. Some directions are not good that can be a cause of pain in the lower part of your body. It is also a myth that some people suggest the pregnant women to stay at bed about all the year round.

Some movements are also affective for instance light running, walking and jogging while it is important to take rest at the final trimesters, but you must not skip walking till the birth but avoid running and jogging. It is also your mistake to go for hiking after the completion of first trimester.

2. Sexual Activities

You are not abandoned to kiss your partner, but making love is prohibited if you want to see a healthy baby. Some husbands go for making love even till the end of final trimester, but prescription of gynecologist is essential.

Having rough sex is blunder that is not fair if you go to bite at your partner having naughtiness. Feelings are concerned, but results are negative if you are pregnant. The best time to enjoy wildly is after successful delivery.

3. No Seriousness

No seriousness means you are not too much concerned about your pregnancy, and you think that it is easy since your relatives and friends had it, but here you need to be sensible. Foods you eat should be prescribed by your doctor that are effective.

It is said that strange craving is not your baby, but foods you eat should not be made of unhealthy fat whereas going for healthy fat is very effective for you and your baby’s development. Secondly, clothes you wear must be made of pure cotton but not very tight.

Things to Be Followed

  • Being sensible you will always get in touch with your gynecologist.
  • You will always stay hydrated to kill the toxins from your body and drinking after meal is not healthy.
  • If you want to play some outdoor games, it is better to consult with your weight trainer first.
  • Without wasting time, you will call doctor if any sudden complication occurs.
  • You will share everything with your husband so that he will be fully informed.

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