2 Ways to Get Fair Skin

fair skin

It is a desire of many people to get fair and this craze is really common in females and they are willing to get this whitish look. Keeping your skin fairer and lighter is an excellent way to be a brilliant and gorgeous personality.

1. Fruits for Whitening

When you discuss about fruits, there is only an answer which will come into your mind that these are to eat for enjoying taste, but they are also useful for giving a good look to your skin and that is why you must take this advantage of fruits.


You need to have a ripe papaya which you cut into two pieces. Now with the help of the back of your spoon, you mash it up. Take organic yogurt or cream (dairy), adding a teaspoon of any of them is a necessity and after this add three to four drops of juice of lemon. Mix in proper manner until it is prepared thick. Now the exotic and effective mask is ready to apply. Apply it on your face and wash your face just after 15 to 20 minutes but avoid using soap.

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Take two to three strawberries and crush them for applying on your face as a mask. If you are willing to get instant result, adding a few drops of lemon juice is sufficient source. This thick mask is supposed to be left on your face about 15 minutes. The final procedure is to rub your skin with a soft cloth making strokes softly when the mask is dry. You are again instructed for abandoning soap when you wash your face.

2. Keep Off Doings

To have a fair face, there are also some more ways that are extremely helpful. Actually some elements are circulating in the human life, but that one is not able to judge these. Consequently problems occur.

Say Bye to Anxiety

According to many dermatologists and skin specialists your skin gets darker if there is lots of burdens on your mind and stress is also a backbone of spoiling the beauty of your skin for the reason that when you become stressed it turns darker. Try to reduce your stress and sit in calm and happy atmosphere.

No Less Sleep

Lots of people are not in the habit of getting proper sleep. Consequently, they have no attractive face and they experience lots of health issues. Give eight hours to your bed in order to have a proper sleep. As a result you will get your desired goal.

Foods to Leave

If you have a look at some foods containing much sugar and fat, you are instructed to keep them off in order to avoid some skin problems such as acne, pimple and blackheads. On the other hand, eating raw and green vegetables is good.

Final Words

These two ways for lightening your face are considered to be the best sources of the world for the reason that going for some chemicals is not helpful for good. God Willing! You will get good result if you apply these after having the suggestion of a reliable dermatologist.