2 preventative measures & 2 Resolutions to Get Super Skinny in 1 Month

‘How can I get skinny in a month?’ is the question often asked by people and most of the time, they are replied that it is not possible. Well, no matter what most of the weight loss experts say about it, but the truth is that everything is possible and if you want to get skinny in a month, you really need to have the passion to achieve your goal and if you have passion, there is nothing that can stop you achieve what you want. However, you need to set your tasks and need to be fully committed with it.

First Precaution – Kill Dieting Myth

Your diet is the most important factor that actually plays the most significant part on how to get super skinny; therefore, making right food choice is the first step on the way of getting skinny. Some people think if they don’t eat anything and stay hungry all day long, it will help them burn excessive fat and they will soon become the skinniest ones on earth. However, this is absolutely wrong belief as starvation can never make you slim and healthy; in fact, this will make you sick or in some cases, you may even gain more weight.

Second Precaution – Don’t Push Your Body in a Survival Mood

You should never forget that your body gets habitual of surviving in any condition you push it in and when you don’t eat anything, soon your body gets used to live with it and its ability to survive does not allow you to become skinny. On the other hand, it may not be able to burn calories as fast as it could before you started dieting. Eventually, result will come in form of great confusion with your body and it will lose the ability to burn calories; instead it will store food in your body which will become fat and your dream to become skinny in a month will suddenly get broken.

1st Solution – Do Exercise to Improve Metabolism

The second most important factor on how to become super skinny in a month is exercise which improves your metabolic rate and eventually your body come into the position to burn calories and fat even faster. Along with proper diet, if you focus on exercises just half an hour every alternative day, you can get nothing better than this to become skinny. For some people, it might be difficult to perform exercises regularly because of their changing mood and if you are one of those unpredictable people, you should try to join a group of people or a friend who really understand the importance of exercise in life. If you have a companion, he/she will encourage you to pull your socks up whenever you don’t feel like doing any physical activity.

2nd Solution – Detoxify Your Body

Take another step and relieve your stomach with uncomfortable condition. It is believed that toxics your body gets time to time because of wrong dieting choices, pollution, impure water, dirty air, etc. are major causes of uncomfortable stomach which does not let you find the way to get skinny. The best solution to get rid of this situation is to use detoxification of your body which will flush out toxics from your body. The best way to perform detoxification is to drink clear water and lots of juices from fresh fruits and green veggies. You can find a great number of juicing recipes online which would be great source of natural detoxification of your body.